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The November 'Goddess Box' by Society of Lovely

Here we have the second-to-last box of 2020 by Society of Lovely, and as always, each month's box is very different to the last! Society of Lovely keep each box fresh and unique, by sending different sized boxes, with different themes, or items you'd never think of getting in a box. The Goddess Box is one of three boxes that you can subscribe to and is $65 NZD per month. The two other boxes that you can subscribe to are Little Lovelies at $40 NZD per month and Envy at $105 NZD per month (shipping is included in the price). With Little Lovelies, you receive 4-5 items, with Goddess Gifts, you get 5-7 items, and with Envy, you get the full package, with around 8-11 items. The November Goddess Box contained 7 items.

1. Deep Dark Secrets Notebook

First up, we have a cute notebook by Designworks Inc. This sturdy little notebook also comes with a matching gold pen. Notebooks are a staple part of my life, I'm constantly jotting things down and creating to-do lists, and this one easily fits into my handbag!

Rating: ❤❤❤❤/5

2. Motif Mints

Next, we have a pack of Sugarfree Mints by Motif. Motif is a collective of artists and illustrators that design stunning mint tins. Motif have 8 collections with 32 unique designs of tins, and this one here is from the Abstract Black collection. Motif's mints are vegan, and free from sugar and aspartame. This month's box definitely has a 'handbag essentials' feel to it!

Rating: ❤❤❤/5

Price: $14.99

3. Rosehip Hydrating Biodegradable Sheet Mask by Essano

The third item in the November Goddess Box is the Rosehip Hydrating Biodegradable Sheet Mask by NZ skincare company, Essano. Essano are cruelty-free, certified organic by Ecocert, and all of their packaging is either recyclable, reusable, or compostable. This sheet mask is made from 100% cotton, and contains certified Rosehip oil, Vitamin E, and Manuka Honey to moisturise and hydrate. Now this is a super hydrating sheet mask, it was packed with a cooling serum and my face feels very refreshed after wearing this mask for ten minutes. You don't wash your face after removing the mask, but massage the excess serum onto your neck and décolletage, so that you continue to feel the effects of the serum. Essano's Rosehip Hydrating Biodegradable Sheet Mask is a good one, especially if you suffer from dry skin and I would use this mask again.

Rating: ❤❤❤❤/5

Price: $5.99


4. Wonder Pops Artisan Lollipops

The fourth item in this month's box are two Artisan Lollipops by NZ company, Wonder Pops. Wonder Pops hand craft their lollipops for all sorts of events, including weddings and the flowers in the lollipops are edible, and also home grown. In the Society of Lovely box, I received two flavours, Champagne & Viola and Brown Sugar & Pear. Another handbag goodie, these lollipops are gorgeous and taste delicious!

Rating: ❤❤❤❤/5

Price: $35.00 for a pack of 10

5. Racy Rata Lipstick by Karen Murrell

Next up, with another handbag essential, is the 'Racy Rata' Lipstick by NZ lipstick brand, Karen Murrell. Karen Murrell's lipsticks are as natural as they get, with their lipsticks made from ingredients such as: avocado and evening primrose oils, candelilla, and carnauba wax. Karen Murrell's lipsticks are also scented with a spicy, warm fragrance of cinnamon and sweet orange. The shade, 'Racy Rata', has a deep, berry hue and is perfect for a sultry look. This lipstick is moisturising, heavily pigmented, and long lasting so you don't need to constantly touch up!

Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤/5

Price: $32.00


6. Kikki K Quote Cards

The last item in this month's box is a set of quote cards from stationary company, Kikki K. This set of 12 quote cards with a wooden stand, is super cute and matches well with my white desk at home. As I am staring at a screen for most of the day, I can appreciate a bit of motivation and some desk decor to look at! As always, Society of Lovely ensure that there's a varied mix of products in each box.

Rating: ❤❤❤❤/5

Price: $24.90

Verdict: The November Goddess Box definitely had a 'handbag essentials' feel to me. There was a good mix of items in the box, with beauty products, edible products, and items to boost your productivity! I cannot wait to see what Society of Lovely bring with the December Box, as they are always full of surprises and you can literally never guess what you're going to get in each box. You can subscribe to Society of Lovely's final box of the year here.


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