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The 'May LUXE Bridal Box' by Something Blue

It's always exciting to bring a new box to my reviews, and I plan to write about more NZ-based subscription boxes over the next few months. This subscription box by Something Blue, is one I'll be reviewing each month and is New Zealand's first bridal subscription box! Something Blue is co-founded by Megan Hutchinson, founder of 'She Said Yes', and 'Little White Book', and Rochelle Sheldon, founder of 'Joyable' and award-winning social media & influencer marketer. Each month, engaged subscribers will receive a box of goodies, with a mix of pamper goodies and planning tools to help you prep and plan for your wedding. There are two boxes that you can subscribe to, the Something Blue Bridal Box which is $47.60 NZD per month, along with $5 shipping, and the Something Blue LUXE Bridal Box which is $77.60 NZD per month, along with $5 shipping. I'll be reviewing Something Blue's LUXE Box, with the first box also containing the Little White Book! First off, the box itself is stunning, sturdy, and large, and I was immediately excited as soon as I saw the box arrive.

The May Box had plenty of variety and contained ten items.

1. New Zealand Weddings & Honeymoons Magazine

A staple for any planning bride is a good and informative wedding magazine, such as the New Zealand Weddings & Honeymoons Magazine. What I love about this magazine is that a good chunk of it contains real weddings within NZ which really helps me with inspiration for my own wedding planning, and all of the vendors, fashion, and products are accessible as they are NZ-based.


Price: $14.50

2. Our Vows - Wedding Vow Books by Something Blue

An important piece in the planning are your vows, something I haven't thought too hard about yet as we're over a year out from our day, but these Wedding Vow Books will definitely come to good use in a few months time. These cute, 24-page, A6 books are the perfect size to jot down your vows and will make beautiful keepsakes to look back on together.


Price: $24.00

3. Citrus Vodka & Sparkling Water by Hint

Next up, we have two bottles of Citrus Vodka & Sparkling Water by Hint, for both you and your partner to enjoy. Hint's Vodka is has an ABV of 5%, is 100% natural, and has zero sugar, sweeteners, or preservatives, making it a refreshing and light drink. It was quite relaxing sipping on this drink whilst perusing my NZ Weddings Magazine (especially so as we all know that planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful!!)


Price: $8.00

4. Romantic Floral Print by Papier HQ

I love receiving items for the home in subscription boxes, as you don't see them often in boxes! This beautiful romantic floral print is from the Botanical Collection by Paper HQ. This piece will look stunning in a black frame hanging over my desk!


Price: $35.00

5. Cleansing Pad

Here we have a handy little reusable fabric wipe which are great for removing eye makeup and is a cute, little, 'something blue'!


6. Power Masque by Syrene Skincare

Next up, we have the Power Masque with Aquagel Advanced Hydration by NZ company, Syrene Skincare. I always like seeing products by NZ brands that I haven't tried before and Syrene Skincare combine both science and natural ingredients to create nutrient-rich skincare. All of their products are dermatologically tested, contain 100% natural fragrance, and are cruelty-free. This sheet masque provides antioxidants, hydration, and protection and contains ingredients such as: Seaweed extracts, SUPEROX-C™, which is extracted from the Kakadu plum, which is the world's highest source of Vitamin C, Marine Collagen, Manuka Honey, Mamaku Extract, and more. This masque contains some ingredients I've never used before in products, so I've been excited to use this mask. I applied the masque to my face after cleansing, left it on for 20 minutes, removed, and then massaged in the remaining serum as per the instructions. Wow, my skin feels and looks super hydrated! My skin has been suffering for a few weeks now with dryness and my face lapped up the serum in this mask as it's definitely been needing some intense hydration. This masque is a bit more on the pricey side compared to other masks, but with how bad my skin was feeling, and how good it feels and looks now after just the one masque, I think these masque's are well worth what you pay for them, and I'm going to look into their skincare range for myself.


Price: $24.99


7. Advice Cards & Wedding Activities by Be My Guest

In the May Box by Something Blue, subscribers also receive this pack of Advice Cards by Dunedin-based wedding stationary company, Be My Guest. Be My Guest design and make wedding invitations, menus, seating cards, name cards, as well as a range of wedding activity and advice cards.

This little pack contains a sample of the many beautifully designed activity and advice cards available to buy from Be My Guest. The activity cards included are: Wedding Guest Bingo, How Well do you know the Happy Couple?, Advice for the Happy Couple, Leave a Note for the Newlyweds, Wedding Games, Date Night Ideas, Future Prediction, and I Spy. These cards are a fun wedding addition, and I'll be looking at getting some of these for our own!


8. Gel Nail Polish by Entity

Next we have a bottle of gel nail polish by Entity Beauty. This nail polish is in a gorgeous shade of pastel pink and is another great pamper addition to this month's box!


Price: $15.00


9. Cacao Husk Tea by Mayan Man

I also received a box of this Cacao Husk Tea by Wellington-based company, Mayan Man. This tea contains antioxidants and vitamins and was an uplifting drink enjoyed by the Mayans. This hot chocolate tea contains organic cacao husks and organic coconut for a bold and rich, hot beverage.

Each box contains a generous 15 pyramid tea bags, with the tea bags themselves being completely biodegradable. This tea both smells and tastes rich and delicious and is perfect to have on a cold Winter's night whilst you doing a spot of wedding planning! You can enjoy this tea on its own or add a dash of milk and honey for a creamier beverage.


Price: $12.00

10. Little White Book by She Said Yes

The last item in the May Something Blue Box, and one that I've been beyond excited about receiving and something that I have been wanting for a while now, is the Little White Book by She Said Yes. All LUXE box subscribers will receive the Little White Book in their first box, which is one of the reasons why I decided to go with the LUXE subscription.

The Little White Book has a simple, elegant design and contains everything you need to help you plan your wedding in detail. This book has over 200 pages, with sections covering each aspect of your wedding such as: , and plenty of blank, dot journal-type pages. In this one book you have checklists, spreadsheets, journal prompts, and a 12-month countdown diary, making this a very versatile planner and the best one I've seen yet! Since we've also had to postpone our wedding until next year, starting with a new wedding planner book such as this one is a refreshing and I'll be making good use of it over the next year.


Price: $69.00

Verdict: With over $150 worth of beauty products, and wedding planning essentials, the Something Blue Box is the perfect subscription box for any bride-to-be. For my first Something Blue Box, I'm very impressed and I'm intrigued to see what's in the next few boxes! There was a good mix of products to help and inspire you with your wedding planning, as well products for you to just enjoy and practice self-care with. You can sign up to the Something Blue's June Box here.


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