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The 'July/August Box' by Love From You *NEW*

New box time!!! Kicking off July with some Winter goodness is an amazing box from a new subscription box company, Love From You. 'Love From You isn't just a subscription box, it's a gift for your wellbeing', and straight away you can see this with the carefully chosen, mix of products, the detailed packaging, the personalised notes, and 'Your Wellbeing' checklist which I'll talk more about shortly. This subscription box, created by founder, Hayley Strawbridge, is all about supporting your wellbeing and mental health by providing a two-monthly dose of nurturing products that encourage and assist in self-love and care.

From when I first lifted the lid of this box, I was impressed right off the bat. So as well as the amazing products, what else did I receive? I got a hand-written, personalised note, a note from the founder telling me more about Love From You, a lovely fold-out of what's in the box (which is very detailed and provides a lot of useful information), and their 'Your Wellbeing Checklist' which provides activities for your mind, body, and soul, incorporating the items you'll find in your box. I'll also be referring to my checklist throughout this review.

I also want to note that Love From You supports Voices of Hope, their chosen, not-for-profit, mental health charity in New Zealand.

A Love From You subscription is a very reasonably priced, $69.99, with free shipping, and you'll be billed once every two months. Split the price in half and that's only $35 per month for over $120 value in each box! Now let's get into the very first box by Love From You! The July/August box contained eight NZ-made products.

1. Moon Turtle Mini: A 7-day Mood Journal

The first Mind item in the Love From You Box, is this Mini Journal by Moon Turtle. Moon Turtle is a project by Anna Birchell, from Auckland, New Zealand. Moon Turtle has two journals; Moon Turtle: A 28-day Mood Journal, and Moon Turtle Mini: A 7-day Mood Journal, which I've received in the July/August box. All you need is a pen, and ten minutes out of your day to sit, reflect, and jot down your thoughts and feelings.

A series of quick questions which allow you to reflect on your day, a short, positive checklist, and a spare few lines to jot down anything, makes this a pretty damn good journal and I found that my mind felt much clearer after filling in my journal. I like how it's only for 7 days as well, and I'm not having to commit to a 365-day journal! I'll see how I go after 7 days but I think I'll definitely invest in the 28-day journal which will be back in stock online at the end of July. What an awesome item to start off the Love From You Box!

Rating: ❤❤❤❤/5

Price: $10.00

2. Ārepa Performance by Ārepa

The second product for the Mind in this box, is Ārepa Performance, the Nootropic Brain Drink by Ārepa. The Ārepa Performance Nootropic Brain Drink assists in mental performance by keeping you calm and clearing your mind. The patented formula for this drink was designed by neuroscientists using ingredients such as NZ Neuroberry Blackcurrant Extract, NZ Pine Bark Extract, and L-Theanine, to name a few. You can read more about the science behind this drink, here. My mind tends to get cloudy when I have too much on my plate, so I can definitely get on board with this beverage. It tastes delicious, and has a tart, yet sweet taste that I love. The Ārepa Performance is natural, free of caffeine, is rich in Vitamin C, and contains no added sugar. I found that having this drink did clear my mind and helped me to focus, and I'm actually going to head this arvo to buy some from my local stockist, so I can swap out my daily coffee with this drink which is much better for you. I'd highly recommend giving this drink a go!

Edit: It's been 30 minutes and my mind is the clearest it has been all week!! I'm going to stock up on Ārepa Performance as I can see that this drink is really going to help me focus with work and study.

Rating: ❤❤❤❤/5

Price: $6.99

3. SO: Salt & Oil's SO Luxurious Bath Soak

Now to one of the Body products in the July/August box. This is the SO Luxurious Bath Soak by SO: Salt & Oil. Salt & Oil's bath soak's are completely natural, cruelty-free, vegan, and are made in NZ using ingredients such as natural Epsom salt, pure Himalayan pink salt, and various essential oils. Just last week, I was having a luxurious half-hour bath in this bath soak and it worked wonders in relaxing my tired, achy muscles, and for clearing my mind. If you're up on your feet for a lot of the day or find that you have a lot going on in your mind in the evenings, I recommend getting a pouch of Salt & Oil's Bath Soak's and unwinding in your bath. And if you don't have a bath, you can still enjoy a hot foot soak using a small tub.


Price: $10.00


4. Serenitea by The Herbal Teapot

As well as products for the body and mind, you'll also receive some products for your soul. The first Soul product is the Serenity by NZ tea company, The Herbal Teapot. Their teas are hand-crafted in small batches using certified organic ingredients, and I'm in love with their packaging which is free of plastic. I'm about to go to the dentist, so I've brewed a cup of Serenitea to help with the nerves before I head out, and I've also added in a cheeky dollop of honey to sweeten it.

The Serenitea contains: lemon balm, oat straw, skullcap, tulsi, rose petals, passionflower, lime blossom, spearmint, lavender, and cinnamon. This is a beautiful, smooth tea with gorgeous, soothing floral notes, and is my new, fave Winter brew - and perfect for before I go to bed!


Price: $19.50

5. Lash Growth Serum by Arture

This wee beauty is the second Body product in the Love From You Box, and it is the False Lash Effect, Lash Growth Serum, by NZ skincare company, Arture. I've used several of Arture's products, which all work wonders and are cruelty-free and vegan. I already have a tube of their Lash Growth Serum which I have been using for over a couple of months now (yes, one tube lasts for ages!), and it has worked miracles on lashes!! I 100% swear by this product as my lashes have filled out and have grown nice and long. Arture's Lash Growth Serum uses natural peptides to stimulate and condition your eyelashes, and I wouldn't use any other lash serum after using this one. I'm so delighted to see that thanks to Love From You, I have another three-month's supply of Arture! Before using this, I wasn't very happy with my short, stubby lashes, and now my face looks a bit softer due to having longer lashes, and I'm pretty proud of them now.


Price: $49.95


6. Vanilla & Orange Lip Balm by The Herb Farm

The third Body product in the box is a Vanilla & Orange Lip Balm by family-owned, New Zealand skincare company, The Herb Farm. The Herb Farm's large range of products are all natural, cruelty-free, and handcrafted in NZ. This lip balm is also gluten-free and comes in recyclable packaging.

It smells delicious with the sweet blend of orange and vanilla, and is a creamy, pastel pink colour. This is a generous 20ml jar of lip balm and I like how it's quite a wide jar which makes it easy to use (there's nothing worse than a narrow lip jar of lip balm that you struggle to get out!). This lip balm contains ingredients such as grape seed oil, shea nut butter, alkanet oil, sweet almond oil, and vanilla bean. The Herb Farm's Lip Balm is gentle, super moisturising, non-greasy, long-lasting, and gives you nice, soft lips.


Price: $14.90


7. Dark Berry Organic Artisan Chocolate by Solomons Gold

Here we have a yummy Soul item, which is a bar of Dark Berry Organic Artisan Chocolate by NZ chocolate company, Solomons Gold. I never used to like dark chocolate, and that was I hadn't tasted proper, good quality, darkly use chocolate before. Through subscription boxes, I've discovered some amazing chocolate brands, made right here, in New Zealand, using organic ingredients, such as Solomons Gold. Solomons Gold handcraft their chocolate, using traditional artisan techniques, and hand picking their cocoa beans from the Solomon Islands. This rich, decadent chocolate with hints of berries is free from cane sugar, dairy, gluten, nuts, and soy, so everyone can enjoy this chocolate. I did choose indulge myself and ate this all in the one sitting without sharing.


Price: $6.19

8. CaliWoods To-Go Drinking Straw

The last item in the July/August Love From You Box, and an item for the Soul, is the To-Go Drinking Straw by CaliWoods, an NZ-based online store that sells a large range of sustainable, eco-friendly products. This cute straw kit, is completely plastic-free and comes with a stainless drinking straw, a natural fibre brush to clean the straw with, and a drawstring bag to carry them in. I haven't used a plastic straw in years, and I like to carry one of these around in my bag when out and about. Love From You Box has done a great job in including a range of products that are plastic-free and eco-friendly!


Price: $12.00

Verdict: The Love From You is a fantastic subscription box, and I'm beyond impressed by their very first box! It's clear that this box was created with a lot of love, and each item was carefully chosen to bring self-love to subscribers. Thet amount of items in the box is generous, with eight, full-sized items, at over $100 value. I really appreciated the product guide, notes, and checklist to use alongside each product, and found that there was a good mix of beauty products, drinks, food, and items to use, with each one focusing on either the mind, body, and soul. Each item in the box is made by a kiwi business which is important for me with subscription boxes! There were products by businesses that I know and love, and there were also some new products by NZ businesses that I hadn't tried before. I think over the next few boxes, myself, along with other subscribers are going to discover some new, NZ faves, and that's what gets me really excited about subscription boxes! You can subscribe to Love From You's September/October box, here.


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