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The February 'Goddess' Box by Society of Lovely

The second box of the year from Society of Lovely and this one is a box of delights with items that bring both positivity and productivity to your life. The Goddess Box is one of three boxes that you can subscribe to and is $65 NZD per month. The two other boxes that you can subscribe to are Little Lovelies at $40 NZD per month and Envy at $105 NZD per month (shipping is included in the price). With Little Lovelies, you receive 4-5 items, with Goddess Gifts, you get 5-7 items, and with Envy, you get the full package, with around 8-11 items. This month's box contains seven full sized products.

1. Crumbly Russian Fudge by Herb & Spice Fine Foods

First up, we have a sweet treat from online food store, Herb & Spice Fine Foods. This store sells a range of food products such as: condiments, pantry items, desserts, snacks, and confectionary from NZ brands and overseas gourmet brands. This fudge is super sweet, creamy and delicious, and comes in a generous 100 gram slab. This fudge makes for a perfect after-dinner sweet treat and it's nice to get an edible product every now and again in a subscription box!


Price: $4.79

2. Earrings by Carow & Lexin

These hoop earrings are gorgeous and are perfect for Summer! With shades of green, warm and cool browns, pink, and turquoise, I know these are going to look great paired with my white linen, midi dress and my hair in a high pony tail. Society of Lovely have done well including this pair of earrings in their February box and I'm sure that all subscribers are going to love them.


3. Bohemienne Perfume Oil by MOR

Next up, we have the Little Luxuries Bohemienne Perfume Oil by MOR Boutique. MOR make a range of fragrance products for both the home and body. This roll-on perfume has a beautiful, intricate design on the bottle, and comes housed in a cute, turquoise tube. The perfume oil has a sweet, intoxicating scent, and contains: orsehip, Vitamin E, and oils of sweet almond, grapeseed, avocado, sesame, and sunflower. The top notes in this perfume oil are: strawberry, cassis, mandarin, and orange blossom. The mid notes are: white jasmine, sugar, and apple. The base notes are: musk, peach, and raspberry. This is a fun fragrance with a perfect blend of florals and fruits.

Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤/5

Price: $20


4 & 5. Herb Scissors by Father Rabbit Goods and McGregor's Micro Green Mix

Some clear faves for me in the February Box is this amazing little gardening set, with a set of 3 Herb Scissors by Father Rabbit Goods and a packet of Micro Green Mix by McGregor's. Society of Lovely's boxes are a monthly mood booster for me as they bring me new and exciting products that help bring a bit of self-care and relaxation into my life.

The Micro Green Mix contains: Basil Red Rubin Basil Genovese, Beet Bull's Blood, Cress Common, Mizuna Parsley Plain, Rocket Argula & Parcel.

I've been meaning to get into growing herbs for our cooking and also flowers for our upcoming wedding, so these herb scissors are going to be very useful. These sturdy and stylish herb scissors are crafted from carbon steel, for a sharper cutting blade.

Rating: ❤❤❤❤/5

Price: $29

6. Maxi Satin Lip Crayon by Absolute New York

Next up, we have this Maxi Satin Lip Crayon by an affordable and cruelty-free makeup brand, Absolute New York. This Lip Crayon is also vegan and is free of parabens, sulphates, and phthalates. There are 16 shades, and this one is Nude. I haven't tried this makeup brand before, and I'm always curious to try new brands, as I have my regular fave brands that I rarely steer from. So, what's it like? I wouldn't say it's anywhere near a nude shade, and is a pretty vibrant pastel pink. But it is gorgeous, vibrant and fun, gives full coverage and is also moisturising. Would I use Absolute New York again? Yes, I would.

Rating: ❤❤❤❤/5

Price: $7


7. An Inspired Life Pop-Open Cards by Compendium, Inc.

The last item in the February Box is this cute box of Pop-Open Cards by Compendium, Inc. There are 30 in the box, and each card pops open to reveal an inspirational message or quote. I've been using these cards daily as on the back of them, you can jot your own little notes. This little box-set is a great way to dress up your desk space, and help provide some inspo through the mundane. Yet another reminder that Society of Lovely carefully curate each box to give their subscribers thoughtful and unique monthly gifts.

Rating: ❤❤❤❤/5

Price: $17.95

Verdict: As soon as I saw my box from Society of Lovely arrive at work, I was like, 'What's in this month's box!!??' I literally have no idea what to expect each month and I love that SOL keep it hush, with only a couple of sneak peeks, and not revealing what is in the month's boxes until subscribers receive their boxes. Did I expect such an eclectic box with items such as herb scissors, micro green mix, perfume, and stationary? No I didn't. Was I surprised when I got my box? Yes, I was. Did I love this month's box? Yes, I did! You can sign up to one of Society of Lovely's three different subscriptions here.


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