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My Treat's 'June Winter Wellness' Box

The theme of My Treat's June Box is 'Winter Wellness' and it has come at the perfect time, cause' it's cold and stormy this weekend! The products in this month's box are a mix of beauty products to brighten and cheer you during the cold months, as well as products to help keep you well during winter. My Treat offer two different monthly subscriptions; the Body Box, and the Mini Box, as well as a variety of one-off boxes featuring popular items from previous boxes. Today I am reviewing My Treat's 'Body Box' which is $38.95 NZD per month, along with $6 shipping. The June Box contains six products from brands such as: By Nature, Nudi Point, Rata & Co., Arture, and Salt & Oil.

The monthly My Treat magazine contains tips to beat the winter blues as well as info on all the brands and their products.

1. SO: Salt & Oil's SO Luxurious Bath Soak

First up, we have a generous 450 gram pouch of the SO Luxurious Bath Soak by SO: Salt & Oil. Salt & Oil are a Northland-based, family run business, who have created a range of natural, vegan, and cruelty-free bath salts and they also featured in last month's box with their SO Uplifting Bath Soak. This bath soak starts off the Winter Box perfectly, and one of the most exciting things about winter for me, is lying in a beautifully scented, hot bath! Salt & Oil's bath soaks are made in small batches from natural ingredients, with the Luxurious Bath Soak containing: Natural Epsom Salt, Pure Himalayan pink salt, and Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Ginger essential oils. I've had a hell of a week so I'll be having a very long soak with the Luxurious Bath Soak today.


Price: $10.00


2. By Nature's Purifying Charcoal & Manuka Honey Clay Face Mask

If you've read any of my My Treat reviews, you'll know that By Nature regularly features in My Treat's boxes, and for good reason, as their products are natural, are of good quality, and their entire range is affordable. This clay face mask contains Manuka Honey which soothes and moisturises dry skin (just what I need!), and Activated Charcoal to remove trapped oil and dirt within the skin. This mask pairs well with the bath soak as you can have a true winter pamper session and enjoy the face mask whilst soaking in a hot bath!


Price: $3.00


3. "Breathe" Essential Oil Roll-On Blend by Nudi Point

Next up, we have the "Breathe" Essential Oil Roll-On Blend by MyTreat regular, Nudi Point. This essential oil blend is a new product from Nudi Point, and assists with breathing difficulty and congestion, a helpful little aid to carry around with all the colds and flus that winter brings! This blend contains oils such as: Sweet Almond Oil, and essential oils of peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus, and tea tree. You can roll this oil under your nose or on your temples as required. Eucalyptus is one of my favourite scents and this roll-on is going to provide you relief when you're sick and blocked up, especially at night.


Price: $20.00


4. Rose Water + Jojoba Seed Refreshing Body Wash by Rata & Co.

Bath and shower products are my box faves, so to get one of each in the Winter Wellness Box is a bonus! Subscribers will know that Rata & Co. feature regularly in My Treat's boxes and so far, I've been lucky enough to try their Probiotic Face & Eye Creams, their hand cream, body lotion, face mask, and now their body wash. The Rose Water + Jojoba Seed Refreshing Body Wash comes in a large, 500ml bottle and subscribers will have received one of two of their body washes. The one I received smells absolutely divine - I want this in a body spray so I can spritz myself all over with this floral fragrance!



5. Rose Sanitiser Antibacterial Mist by Arture

Another My Treat favourite is NZ skincare company, Arture. First off, if you haven't tried Arture's Lash Growth Serum, go and buy some! I've been using this serum for a month now and it has worked wonders on my eyelashes! I have short, stubby eyelashes and this serum has made my eyelashes much longer after just one month of use. I'm sure every subscriber is going to appreciate this handbag-sized Antibacterial Santiser Mist, as plenty of bacteria and viruses go around in winter, and then there's COVID, which has made everyone very aware of keeping their hands sanitised whenever you leave the house. I'll be carrying this around everywhere and using this sanitiser a lot, and bonus is, it smells like roses and not isopropyl alcohol!


Price: $8.95


6. By Nature's Brightening Face Mist

The last item in the June Winter Wellness Box is the Brightening Face Mist Energizing Toner from By Nature. This face mist is infused with Vitamin C (an essential antioxidant ingredient for your skin!), and Turmeric which helps give softer, glowing skin. This month's box has been a generous one and this face mist comes in a large 200ml bottle. The mist pump sprays well and the mist itself feels light and smells citrusy for a refreshing spritz. I love using toner and it's my fave part of my daily skincare routine, and it's always. a product that I never want to run out of and this one by By Nature is a great toner to start your day with!


Price: $12.50


Verdict: The Winter Wellness box by My Treat is one of my most loved boxes this year from My Treat and contained a variety of products that you'll love during the cold months. There were body treats to enjoy in a hot bath or shower, skincare products to help with dry skin, as well as products to help beat the winter chills and ills. If you're looking at boxes to subscribe to, My Treat would be one that I'd recommend if you want to expand your beauty cupboard, and is one of the most affordable subscription boxes around. You can sign up to My Treat's July box here.


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