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My Treat's April 'Anti-Ageing' Body Box

This month's My Treat box is called the 'Anti-Ageing' Box, and contains a range of skincare products to help you maintain youthful skin, as well as making you feel amazing. Having just celebrated my 30th birthday, the April box was a very welcome delivery. This month's box contains products all from returning favourites such as: Arture, Nudi Point, Rata & Co., and Mia Belle. Today I am reviewing My Treat's 'Body Box' which is $38.95 NZD per month, along with $6 shipping. The April 'Anti-Ageing' Box contains seven beauty products.

My Treat always include a monthly magazine with their box that talks about all of the brands in the box as well as handy health, beauty, and life info. This month's magazine was unable to be printed though as we've been in lockdown and printing wasn't deemed as an essential service, so there's just a two page pamphlet this month. My Treat always post a monthly blog though as well, so you can check out their blog for more on the brands in the box and find My Treat have been up to, here.

1. Rata & Co. Hand Cream

The first item in the April 'Anti-Ageing' Box is a Hand Cream made by Christchurch based skincare company, Rata & Co. Rata & Co. have a large range of face and body products that are made from natural ingredients and contain premium oils. I've used Rata & Co.'s Probiotic skincare products and they've been gentle and wonderful for my skin, and I would recommend trying their products. This large 100 gram tube of Hand Cream contains Lavender and Argan Oil to help relax and nourish your hands. The cream itself is moisturising whilst feeling light and non-greasy, and has a strong, beautiful, lavender scent. I've been regularly sanitising my hands or wearing gloves, so this cream has worked wonders on keeping my hands feeling nice and soft.


Price: $12.50


2. By Nature's Soothing Eye Mask

Next up, we have two Soothing Eye Mask's by My Treat regular, By Nature. These cooling eye masks are easy to use, and after having these on for 15 minutes, the skin around my eyes felt soothed and nourished. This Soothing Eye Mask contains Organic Rosehip Oil, Aloe Vera, Cucumber, and Hyaluronic Acid. It was nice to get two masks in this box, and I'll definitely be using eye masks on a weekly basis as you can really and see and feel the difference an eye mask makes on tired eyes.


Price: $9.99 for a 5-pack


3. Mia Belle's Beauty Bar Face Cleanser

If you want to keep your skin looking and feeling good as you get older, you need to have a strict skincare regime. And it is so important to use a good cleanser before applying anything to your face! Here we have the Beauty Bar Face Cleanser by Mia Belle. Mia Belle have an amazing range of products for your hair, face, and body, and are one of my fave brands to feature in My Treat's boxes!

This cute, heart-shaped, Pink Clay cleansing bar is for normal to combination skin and contains Rose Geranium essential oil, along with: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, and Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate. This floral scented Beauty Bar was gentle on my skin, will last up to 60 washes, and makes cleansing easy as you can apply it directly to damp skin to create a foamy lather.


Price: $21.00 or $7.00 for a sample-size


4. Nudi Point's "Facially Yours" Facial Serum

This hand-crafted Facial Serum by My Treat regular, Nudi Point, is packed full with natural, anti-ageing ingredients to promote youthful skin (Nudi Point even refer to this Facial Serum as "liquid youth"). So what is in this serum? Argan Oil and Macadamia Oil which are rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E; Rosehip Oil which reduces fine lines and scars; Mango Butter and Olive Oil which protect from the sun and contain anti-oxidants; Geranium Oil to promote radiant skin; and Lavender, Orange, and Vanilla essential oils. You can use this Facial Serum on its own or add a few drops to your moisturiser. You can feel the richness of this serum with the various oils it contains, yet it doesn't feel heavy or greasy on your skin, and you don't need to use much to get full coverage. I tend to just stick to a cream moisturiser and don't usually use serums in my skincare routine, but after using the "Facially Yours" serum, I think I'll start using serums more often.


Price: $49.00


5. Nudi Point's Natural Exfoliating Loofah Sponge

Next up is an exfoliating sponge from Nudi Point. These are great to use in the shower to remove dead skin!


Price: $5.00


6. Arture's Lash Growth Serum

The last item in the April box is this Lash Growth Serum by NZ skincare company, Arture. Arture use 100% natural ingredients and are cruelty-free. I've been so excited to try Arture's Lash Growth Serum, especially as I've been on the hunt for an affordable, natural lash serum. If this works wonders on my lashes, I'll definitely be buying more! This serum is a peptide-based growth serum which stimulates eyelash growth. All you need to apply is a tiny bit of serum on the roots of the eyelashes, to promote growth. It does take a couple of weeks to see the effects of the serum, but hopefully after daily use, I'll see some decent growth in my lashes after a few weeks. This a pretty unique and special product to include in a subscription box and shows that My Treat work hard to surprise and delight us each month!


Price: $49.95


Verdict: The April 'Anti-Aging' Box by My Treat was spectacular, and contained an amazing range of different skincare products, all made by natural, cruelty-free, New Zealand brands. All of the brands featured in this month's box have great online stores where you can purchase their full range, so be sure to check out their websites and support these great local brands! This month's My Treat box was over $120 in value and each product is one that you'll be sure to use, and will last you a while, so it'd be silly not to subscribe! You can subscribe to My Treat's boxes here, and don't forget, Mother's Day is also coming up soon, and My Treat have several gorgeous Mother's Day boxes available, so check those out too!


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