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My Treat 'January Body + Underwear' Box

The first box of 2020 is called the 'Face the New Year' Box and is full of products to get your face in top shape for the start of the year. This month's box contains a mix of skin, makeup, and lip products, all made by natural, New Zealand companies. This year we have the return of: By Nature and Lauren & Louise, along with new, featured skincare brands; Hayley Benseman and Skye Candle & Body Care. My Treat offer three different monthly subscriptions: the Underwear Box, the Body Box, and the Body + Underwear Box. I'll be reviewing their Body + Underwear Box which is $48.95 NZD per month, along with $6 shipping. They've also just released a new box called the 'My Treat Mini Box' which is only $28.95 and contains a good range of full-size and mini products which is a great way to try My Treat out to see if you like it (which you obviously will!). The 'December Body + Underwear Box' contains two pairs of underwear and five full-sized products.

1. By Nature's Purifying Charcoal Cleanser

Starting off the 'Face the New Year' Box is By Nature with their Purifying Charcoal Cleanser. The two key ingredients in this cleanser are Activated Charcoal and Rosehip Oil. Activated Charcoal is used in many skincare products and is great for a deep cleanse and balancing and purifying the skin. Rosehip Oil is another famous ingredient in many skincare products and is an elixir for scarring, ageing, and pigmentation. The cleanser itself foams up nicely and has a light perfumed scent. As it foams up, you get a really nice, even coverage and it easily washes off. As always when using By Nature products, my skin felt better than ever!


Price: $14.99


2. My Treat Underwear

This month's underwear is a hit for me, with black lace and tropical and animal prints! Always true to size and consistent in quality, I can't imagine going a day wearing anything but My Treat's underwear.

Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤/5

Price: $19.95 each

3. Aromatherapy Roll-On by Skye Candle & Body Care

Next up, we have the CALM Aromatherapy Roll-On by Wellington based company, Skye Candle & Body Care.This candle and body company hand makes beautiful products for both the body and home using natural ingredients. I've previously tried their Black Raspberry & Vanilla Body Scrub which smells and feels divine, so I was excited to see their first feature in My Treat's boxes. True to it's name, this roll-on has a calming scent with it's mix of bergamot and lavender. I've been a bit stressed over the past week so it has been a great little aid to carry around when I need to take a moment. You apply the roll-on to your pulse points and inhale deeply to help you de-stress. A box fave for me this month!


Price: $14.90


4. Hayley Benseman Lip Balm

Another new local brand featuring in My Treat's first box of 2020, is Hayley Benseman. Hayley Benseman hand makes a range of skincare products that are organic, natural, and plant-based. Her online store contains products for your face, hands, bath, grooming, babies, and even a vegan range. I love her packaging and it's so refreshing to have a lip balm in a tin pot rather than in plastic! This is a velvety smooth Vanilla Nut Lip Balm with ingredients such as: Sweet Almond Oil, NZ Beeswax, and Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. It does have a lovely vanilla nutty scent and a creamy, golden look. I didn't need to use much to fully moisturise my lips, and this is my new fave lip balm!


Price: $8.00


5. By Nature Purifying Day Creme

The second product from By Nature in the January box is a Purifying, Pollution Defense Day Creme that contains key ingredients such as: Rice Protein which calms your skin, Green Tea Extract, and Rosehip Oil. This creme is suitable for all skin types and contains several other oils such as Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Macadamia Oil, and Olive Oil, to really hydrate and protect your skin. I've used a few of the day and night creme's from By Nature and I haven't found one that I didn't love! This creme feels light, soft and soothing, whilst also being hydrating. By Nature's products are also super affordable for a natural NZ skincare company!


Price: $15.00


6. Bio-active Mineral Powder Foundation by Lauren & Louise Cosmetica

The final product in this month's box is this beautiful Bio-Active Mineral Powder Foundation by New Zealand makeup company, Lauren & Louise Cosmetica. As well as being a 100% cruelty-free brand, Lauren & Louise use both science and natural ingredients to create makeup that is hypo-allergenic and good for your skin. This foundation contains Algae extract which contains healing and calming properties. There are six different shades to choose from and I received the shade, 'Espresso' - perfect for darker skin tones. The container itself has a re-closable sifter, so you don't make a mess and it makes it easy for you to dab your brush into. I didn't need much powder to get even coverage and this a powder that feels light on your skin, which is amazing as there's nothing worse than a heavy foundation. This is the perfect foundation for January as it's a matte foundation - so you don't need to put a setting powder over the top if you don't want to. As well as feeling light, it also doesn't look heavy or like you're wearing much makeup at all which makes it my new go-to for work!


Price: $80.00


Verdict: The January 'Face the New Year' Box was a real show stopper, with high quality beauty products that are great for your skin and make you feel good about yourself. January can be a bit of tough month as you settle into the year and you end up questioning and planning your ahead, and obviously feeling older, so receiving my monthly box from My Treat helps me relax, look after myself, and prepare for the month ahead. And we all need that. I've seen My Treat really grow over the past few years and with this being only their first box of 2020, I think subscribers are going to be absolutely wowed more than ever this year! You can get yourself your February box here.


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