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My Treat 'December Body + Underwear' Box

Here we have the last My Treat box for 2019, and what a banger this one is! The theme for this month is the 'December Christmas Stocking Box' and is full of gorgeous self-care gifts. This month's box contains returning NZ favourites: Linden Leaves, Luxi Buff, By Nature, and Nudi Point, along with a new brand, Mia Belle. My Treat offer three different monthly subscriptions: the Underwear Box, the Body Box, and the Body + Underwear Box. I'll be reviewing their Body + Underwear Box which is $48.95 NZD per month, along with $6 shipping. The 'December Body + Underwear Box' contains two pairs of underwear and six full sized products.

The monthly My Treat magazine talks about each of the featured brands and products in detail, along with useful tips and info for your health and wellbeing.

1. By Nature's Dragon's Blood Sheet Face Mask

I haven't used a sheet mask in a while so I was looking forward to having a bit of an unwind with this on my face. Made by By Nature, an NZ skincare brand that frequents My Treat's boxes, you can't ever go wrong with their products. The two key ingredients in this face mask are Dragon's Blood and Hyaluronic Acid. Dragon's Blood is a red resin from the Croton Lechleri Tree and has skin restoring, rejuvenating, and soothing properties. Hyaluronic Acid is a natural acid that the body creates to battle lines, dullness, and uneven skin tone. By Nature make their Hyaluronic Acid using a fermented yeast. The mask itself contains a lot of product and as soon as I put it on my face, it had an instant cooing effect and left my skin feeling intensely moisturised after just ten minutes. It was good to be able to give my face some much needed TLC before Christmas Day!


Price: $4.99


2. My Treat Underwear

This month I've received some animal print underwear! As always, they look and feel soft, comfortable, and of high quality! If you're going to subscribe to My Treat, I really do recommend that you subscribe to the 'Body + Underwear' Box, so that you feel super spoilt each month and you won't have to go buy underwear ever again!

Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤/5

Price: $19.95 each

3. Linden Leaves Foot Reviver

A foot care product in spray form? This bottle of Foot Reviver had me intrigued. Linden Leaves regularly include their large range of products in My Treat's boxes, and their products always smell wonderful and have elegant packaging. This spritzer helps to cool and revitalise feet and contains cucumber to cool, lemongrass essential oil which is anti-bacterial and refreshing, and sage essential oil which stimulates circulation. The Foot Reviver Spritzer helps to relieve 'heavy' feet and ankles and reduce swelling, and can also be used as an insect repellant. As someone who stands all day for work, this will a great foot aid to carry around. The spritzer has a strong, refreshing scent and is instantly cooling, perfect for me as I tend to get very hot feet in bed.


Price: $23.99


4. Nudi Point's Headache Relief

We're all prone to getting headaches, especially over the holidays, so every subscriber is going to love this roll-on Headache Relief by NZ natural skincare company, Nudi Point. When you're feeling a headache start to come on, you can glide the roll-on along your temple, forehead, hairline, scalp, neck, and then down to your shoulders to relieve these areas of your body that are connected to your headache. As I can get quite stressed out over Christmas Nudi Point's Headache Relief has worked wonders for me and contains: Lavender, which reduces stress and is a sleep aid; Rosemary Oil, which improves circulation and has anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties; Sweet Almond Oil, a carrier oil that contains Vitamin E; and Peppermint and Eucalyptus, to provide soothing relief. This is a beautiful blend that subscribers will benefit from using.


Price: $15.00


5. Mia Belle's Hair Masque Treatment

Next up in the December box is a Hair Masque Treatment by local haircare and skincare company, Mia Belle. Muia Belle's products are created using ethically-sourced ingredients that are natural and organic, using NZ suppliers. Their packaging is also environmentally friendly and their products are cruelty-free, plant-based, and the fragrances that they use are free of phthalates, so you're guaranteed that anything of theirs that your put on your hair and skin is actually good for you. The Mia Belle Salon Professional Hair Masque that I received is Vanilla scented and is formulated for thick hair. The masque contains: Organic Avocado Oil which helps restore moisture and provide nutrients to your hair; Organic Castor Oil which promotes hair growth; Organic Argan Oil; Organic Shea Butter, Marshmallow Root Extract; and natural Vitamin E. In this 150ml tin, you'll get around 15 applications. I applied the masque to my hair dry, from the middle of my hair and down to the ends. I then left it on for 20 minutes before washing. Even just after the one treatment, I could feel a difference with my hair, it felt healthier than it has been in a while and less brittle, so I think I'll definitely see my hair benefit benefiting further by using this masque weekly.


Price: $24.95


6. Luxi Buff's Rose Artisan Soap

This beautiful Rose Artisan Soap is handcrafted by Christchurch-based skincare company, Luxi Buff. Luxi Buff use natural oils, butters, essential oils, and phthalate--free fragrances to create nourishing, fragrant soaps.

I first tried Luxi Buff in My Treat's October Box, and I'm impressed by their products and cute packaging and if you check out Luxi Buff's website, you can see that they have a large range of Artisan Soaps to choose from. You can really smell the rose come through in this moisturising and also exfoliating, soap.


Price: $9.00


7. By Nature's Hydrating 100% Pure Face Oil

The last item in this month's box is a special added bonus gift from My Treat, a full-size bottle of the new Hydrating Face Oil from By Nature. This Pure Face Oil contains Squalene, which is derived from Olive Oil which provides plenty of moisture without feeling heavy and greasy on your skin. This oil is good for really dry and patchy skin types. I'll be adding 2-3 drops of this oil into my daily moisturiser, but you can use it on its own. Thanks for the extra Xmas gift My Treat!


Price: $19.99


Verdict: The 'December Christmas Stocking Box' was such a great box to end 2019 with! I always love a box with a variety of beauty products and this one nailed it, with products for your face, body, feet, and hair, and even better, they are all made by New Zealand businesses. This box had well over $100 worth of product and I can't wait to see what My Treat bring in 2020 as each year they grow and bring their subscribers even more fabulous boxes. You can subscribe to the January 2020 box here!


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