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My Treat 'October Body + Underwear' Box

This month's box from My Treat is called the 'October Glow Box' and contains several face and body products to get your skin glowing. The October Box has returning brands such as Ahhh... Cosmetics and By Nature, along with new brand Luxi Buff. My Treat offer three different monthly subscriptions, with this one being their 'Body + Underwear' Box which is $48.95 NZD per month, along with $6 shipping. The 'October Glow Box' contained two pairs of underwear and six products.

This October My Treat mag contains info about all of the brands featuring in this month's 'Glow Box' along with beauty tips and tricks.

1. My Treat Underwear

I absolutely adore these pairs of black and white underwear! The black pair has a white lace trim, and the white pair has a black lace trim and these some of my favourite pairs that I've received in a My Treat box. As always, My Treat's underwear are the perfect fit, super soft, cute, and comfortable.


Price: $19.95 each

2. MoroccanTan Luminous Lotion

Now there are a couple items in the October Box that weren't quite for me and I didn't use this sample pack of tanning lotion by MoroccanTan. For the most part, I generally love and use nearly all of the products I receive in my subscription boxes, but on the odd occasion, you will get products that you don't personally feel the need to use. As I do have dark skin, this is one of those products that I don't feel like using. Doesn't mean that it's not good though, and I'm sure that one of my friends that I gift this tanning lotion to, will like it a lot! This lotion is infused with Argan & Rosehip oil, to provide a moisturising, gradual tan. Just remember, if you are fake tanning, don't go in with bare hands and use a tanning glove.



3. Luxi Buff Facial Cleanser

This Facial Cleanser by Christchurch based natural beauty company, Luxi Buff, is a unique cleanser in that it uses oils to dissolve dirt and build-up on your skin. The key ingredients in this cleanser are: organic olive oil, organic shea butter, beeswax, organic coconut oil, cocoa butter, avocado oil, grassed oil, Vitamin E, and lavender and lemon essential oils. Luxi Buff have a large range of products for your body, face, and hair, and all of their products are free of preservatives and cruelty-free. My skin is feeling and looking a bit angry today so I welcomed this cleanser with open arms. It has a light fragrance, is easy to apply, and mess-free. As directed, with dry fingers, I massaged this incredibly moisturising cleanser into my skin for a good minute before gently wiping my face with a warm face cloth. My face was very grateful for this cleanse, and it helped remove any leftover makeup I had on. Overall, this is a good, affordable facial cleanser that I can see myself using regularly.


Price: $10.00


4. Raspberry Glitter Bath Bomb by Ahhh... Cosmetics

Next up, we have this Raspberry Glitter Bath Bomb by NZ bath and body company, Ahhh... Cosmetics. These hand crafted bath bombs contain coconut oil for a moisturising soak and the glitter used is biodegradable. I love bath bombs, due to previously working at LUSH, and this one has a delicious raspberry scent, but I sadly might be waiting a while for a cool enough night to have a bath as it's been unusually warm over the past two weeks!


Price: $7.99


5 & 6. Illuminating Palette and Contour Brush by Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild have featured before in My Treat's boxes, and the last time I wrote about them was back when I received the June box. I no longer will buy Wet n Wild products as they now sell in China and for me personally, I feel that they can't 100% guarantee that their company is 100% cruelty-free due to this. I have used both the Contour Brush and Illuminating Palette in the past though and can comment on them. The brush is soft and works well for contouring. The Illuminating Palette is a miss for me, I like bold highlights so I'm not a fan of this palette. In future boxes, I'm hoping to see more NZ makeup brands in My Treat's boxes.


7. Brightening Clay Mask from By Nature

Last up, is this Brightening Clay Mask by NZ brand, By Nature. This mask contains Witch Hazel which soothes irritated skin and relieves inflammation, and Kawakawa extract which calms and cleanses the skin. Other ingredients in this mask are: Rosehip Oil, Raspberry Seed oil, Blackberry extract, Goji Berry extract, Harakeke extract, and Pohutukawa extract.

This mask pairs well with the Luxi Buff Facial Cleanser which I used first, before applying the mask. As directed, I applied the mask to my face, focusing on my T-zone and chin, and then left it on for 10 minutes to work its magic. Using a warm flannel, I removed the mask, and found that my face felt soft and the calmest it's been this week. I really needed to use a face mask, and clay masks seem to do a great job for my skin. By Nature's Brightening Pink Clay Mask is gentle, soothing, affordable, and comes in gorgeous packaging like all of their products!


Price: $12.00


Verdict: The October Glow Box for the most part, had some amazing products that I would recommend using to get your skin glowing! The only items I didn't like were the Wet n Wild products due to personal reasons. Look, you're not always going to love every single item in every box but I'm impressed with most of the products in this month's box. My Treat make sure that they always showcase NZ brands which I think is important for an NZ subscription box and they ensure that there's plenty of value in each month's box. I'm looking forward to the "November NZ Made' Box, which is going to be spectacular, so make sure you get yours locked in here.


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