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'The October Project' by Hello Sweetheart

I've really enjoyed each project from Hello Sweetheart, but the October Project has been my favourite so far. This month's project was Two Layered Clay Soap Bars, and you receive everything you need to make your own natural products in the comfort of your own home. A Natural DIY Subscription Box costs $38.21 NZD per month, along with $5 NZD standard shipping. You can also try out a one-off box for $44.95 NZD. Each month, you will get a box that contains: a recipe card, equipment, and ingredients to make your project.

The October Project contained: a recipe card, ingredients, and a soap mold.

Here is the recipe card that lists all of ingredients and steps for the October Project.

This month's project is easier than the previous two as you aren't using the double boiler method to heat ingredients and you don't need to monitor temperatures. I received a large block of Shea Butter which is the soap base, and all I had to do was cut the block up into chunks and melt it in the microwave in 30 second bursts.

Isopropyl Alcohol is used to mix with the red and yellow clay powders, and also helps to disperse bubbles in the soap.

Whilst melting the Shea Butter, I mixed the Red Clay with the Isopropyl Alcohol. I then combined this with the Shea Butter to create the first layer of soap and added in a few drops of Tangerine Essential Oil.

I then poured the mixture into the cute silicone soap mold that was provided.

While I waited for the first layer of soap to set, I went about getting the second layer ready. This involved melting Shea Butter again, mixing Yellow Clay with the Isopropyl Alcohol, and adding in a few drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil. There was also plenty of clay left over for me to make up a face mask!

I now have more essential oils to add to my growing collection!

Included to make the soaps even prettier and to provide exfoliation, was a bag of dried rose petals, which I sprinkled on between each layer of soap and on the top of the soap.

Once the first layer had set, I poured the second layer of soap mixture into the mold, added a sprinkle of rose petals, and then sprayed the soap with isopropyl alcohol to disperse bubbles.

And here are my set soaps! I have to say, I'm pretty damn proud of how they turned out as they look stunning and smell amazing! The recipe was easy to follow, and I didn't make too much of a mess making my soaps. So far, Hello Sweetheart has delivered some great projects with their healing balm, facial cleanser, and soap projects! You can sign up to the November Project here.


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