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'The September Project' by Hello Sweetheart

Today I've been having some fun doing the September Project from Hello Sweetheart. This month's project is a facial creme cleanser and each month you'll receive a recipe and all the ingredients you need to make a natural product for the home or body. A Natural DIY Subscription Box costs $38.21 NZD per month, along with $5 NZD standard shipping. You can also try out a one-off box for $44.95 NZD. Each month, you will get a box that contains: a recipe card, equipment, and ingredients to make your project.

The September Project contained: a recipe card, ingredients, and a jar and label for the finished product. As I received two beakers and a thermometer in the August Box, I had all the equipment needed and I assume that all subscribers will get the equipment they will regularly use in their very first box.

Here is the recipe card that lists all of ingredients and steps for the September Project.

The main ingredients in the project are already pre-mixed in glass bottles labelled Phase A and Phase B. Phase A contained Castor Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. Sweet Almond Oil is good protecting your skin against UV damage and helps your skin retain moisture. Phase B contained Rose Hydrosol, Vegetable Glycerin, and Naturaguard Ultra. Rose Hydrosol stimulates the skin and has antibacterial properties.

A bag of Emulsifier 0 which came in flake form was included, to mix with Phase A.

Here are Phases A & B in their beakers, ready to heat up!

I put both beakers in a double boiler and heated them both to 75 degrees celsius. Once they reached the required temperature, I mixed them both together with a hand mixer to emulsify, and then placed the mixture in a water bath to cool it down to 40 degrees celsius.

Once the mixture had cooled down, I added five drops of each essential oil that was included. Bergamot is a great oil to have in a cleanser as It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Ylang Ylang is a balancing oil that helps regulate oil production. Essential oils can be quite expensive so it's nice to have plenty left in the bottle for other uses. Even after just two Hello Sweetheart boxes, II'm now starting to build a collection of essential oils.

Here is my finished project, a lovely creme cleanser with a light, refreshing scent! Just one pump from the bottle was all I needed for a full face cleanse.

Hello Sweetheart's monthly projects are easy to make, a lot of fun, and make you feel proud of yourself for making your own products that you can use on yourself and in your home. This creme cleanser in the September Box is a product that I'll use daily, so rest assured, you'll receive projects to make that you will actually use! You can sign up to the October Box here.


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