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'The August Project' by Hello Sweetheart

This here, is one of the most unique subscription boxes that I've tried and written about. Why? Because this isn't a subscription box where you get sent several products each month. This is a box where each month, you get sent the ingredients, equipment, and recipes to create your own products! As soon as I saw Hello Sweetheart on Instagram and Facebook, I had to subscribe to their monthly projects. Hello Sweetheart are all about inspiring people to create natural products for the home and body that use local ingredients, and eco-friendly packaging. A Natural DIY Subscription Box costs $38.21 NZD per month, along with $5 NZD standard shipping. You can also try out a one-off box for $44.95 NZD. Each month, you will get a box that contains: a recipe card, equipment, and ingredients to make your project.

The August Project included: all ingredients and the equipment to make the project, and containers and labels for the finished product.

Next up, I'll show you each item in the box, but first, let's talk about their packaging. Each item was securely wrapped in this cardboard, and the box was stuffed with newspaper, so there was literally no plastic used to wrap the items in the box.

The August Project made two jars of Healing Balm, which can be used for many ailments, including: eczema, burns, and muscle relief.

First ingredient for the project was a bag of Candelilla Wax. This is a natural vegetable wax and is derived from the Candellila plant, which is native to Northern Mexico.

As you can see above, candellila wax sure looks a lot like white chocolate buttons.

It felt like I was getting my science on with these glass beakers and candy thermometer. It's cool that with these projects, you receive good quality equipment that will most likely be used in future projects and will encourage you to come up with your own projects.

The August Project contained bottles of natural oils, full of goodness. The Phase B bottle contained Kawakawa oil and Safflower oil. Safflower oil is moisturising and great for dry skin, while Kawakawa oil is amazing for soothing and healing wounds. The Phase C bottle contained unrefined hemp seed oil and Vitamin E oil. Hemp seed oil contains anti-inflammatory properties, and Vitamin E oil calms, hydrates, and moisturises your skin.

I added both bottles of oils to a beaker with the candelilla wax for melting.

It didn't take long to melt the wax into the oils using the double boiler method on my stove. The instruction card was pretty straight forward and easy to follow. There were a couple questions that were asked by other subscribers about the project, and Hello Sweetheart quickly sent out a detailed email clarifying certain parts of the recipe which was really helpful.

Here we have two essential oils, which I used to create two different healing balms.

Tea Tree essential oil is a must-have for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal powers, whereas Rosemary essential oil is known for its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties. Once I melted down my wax and oils, and got the mixture to the right temperature, I then divided the mixture and added the oils. As essential oils are highly concentrated, I only needed 6 drops for each mixture. Honestly, that used hardly any of the oil in each bottle, and I have nearly full bottles of each oil to use as I wish for other things.

It was so easy, melting, mixing, and pouring my healing balms, and I'm super proud of the finished product!

Would I recommend this subscription box? Hell yes, I would. It felt rewarding, making my own, natural products, (it felt especially amazing sticking 'Hand crafted by Frankie' labels on the jars), and it's good fun and interesting to learn and understand the process of how products can be made. I also found that as I made these healing balms myself, that I've surprisingly been using them more than I would if I had just gone and bought a healing balm from the local pharmacy. The instructions were easy to follow, all of the items are clearly labelled, and it only took 40 minutes to make. I think that Hello Sweetheart's projects are a great way to relax and get creative by yourself, or you can have some fun in the kitchen with your mum, partner, friends, or even your kids.

You can sign up for Hello Sweetheart's September Project, here.


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