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The 'Creativity Box' by Astral Collective

Astral Collective are currently having a sale on their website, and three of their past boxes are included in this sale, so I thought I'd buy a couple to try out and review. These boxes are on sale with a whooping 70% off, which is such a steal! I got two of their boxes for $38.50 NZD each, when they are usually $77 NZD each and when you spend over $50, shipping is free.

The Creativity Box is all about working with your Sacral Chakra which is associated with connection, pleasure, and creativity, and it's primary colour is orange. Astral Collective provide plenty of information about their boxes themes and about each item in the box.

The Creativity Box contained six unique items, with the total value of the box being $163.90 NZD.

1. Sacral Chakra Flower Essence

First up, we have a Sacral Chakra Flower Essence Blend by Soul Nourish. Soul Nourish provide services such as Homeopathy, ThetaHealing, and Neuro-emotional Technique, along with creating a range of Soul Essence Blends, which is what I received in the Creativity Box. I think that this Flower Essence is really going to benefit me. From what I've learnt so far, my Sacral Chakra is a bit out of whack and I need to do some work to bring it back into balance. The Sacral Chakra Flower Essence contains: water, pine, cherryplum, chicory, oak, agriomony, wild rose, and brandy. To use, you can put 2-10 drops into water or directly into the mouth, which is how I chose to use it. It doesn't have a strong taste, and has a light, floral hint to it which I quite like. This is a product that I can see myself using when I'm facing emotional issues.


Price: $23


2. Ganesha Statue

This Ganesha statue is from The Sattva Collection. The Sattva Collection is a lifestyle jewellery brand that originated in Rishikesh, India. This golden statue is of Ganesha, who is the ruler of the Sacral Chakra and governs the planet, Jupiter. Ganesha represents joy, creativity, light, and abundance. One of my favourite items in the Creativity Box, this golden statue is absolutely beautiful.


Price: $51.90

3. Sacral Chakra Gem Roller

The third item in the Creativity Box is s Sacral Chakra Gem Roller, which I'm assuming is made by Astral Collective themselves. This aromatherapy blend contains Sweet Orange essential oil which helps activate and nourish the Sacral Chakra. It does have a bright, citrus scent to it to lift you up when you're feeling a bit down, and is infused with Yellow Jade gemstones to encourage self-confidence. You can easily carry this around in your purse and a quick roll of this oil on your wrists and neck is all you need to smell and feel better.


Price: $20


4. Sacral Chakra Bracelet

One of the main reasons that I was drawn to the Creativity Box, was due to this stunning Sacral Chakra bracelet. The photos don't really do it justice as it's such a gorgeous, delicate piece. This 18K gold plated bracelet has a lotus flower charm in the middle.

Lotus flower petals represent birth, death, and rebirth. The bracelet comes with a soft, draw-string bag and a card that tells you about the symbolism of the bracelet. Astral Collective are known to regularly include beautiful pieces of jewellery in their boxes, and from what I've seen in the two boxes I've bought, I may become a subscriber in the near future.


Price: $59

5 & 6. Sacral Chakra Gemstone & Carnelian Gemstone

Last up are two gemstones, a Peach Adventurine Palm Stone, and a Carnelian Gemstone, with both gemstones being the colour of the Sacral Chakra. The Palm Stone ban be held in your hand during meditation or carried around with you in times of need. Peach Adventurine is also known to bring good luck, calm, and creative inspiration. The Carnelian Gemstone can also be carried around for when you need it, and is known to connect the lower chakras, and boost confidence, creativity, and passion. This Carnelian Gemstone is also an added extra gift in the Creativity Box from Astral Collective!


Verdict: This was a very precious box with practical, spiritual items that I'll use frequently and items that I'll keep forever. I was very lucky to be able to nab this box on sale with 70% off, and I highly recommend heading over to Astral Collective's site here, to get your own sale Astral Box (there's only a couple of different boxes left as the Creativity Box has sold out), or just to subscribe. Personally, I think I will want to try a couple more boxes before I decide to commit to a subscription, or maybe I'll just get a box here and there if I like what I see. Obviously, you do end up saving more when you subscribe, so that's something to consider. I do have another box from Astral Collective that I'll be reviewing soon, so keep your eyes out for my blog on the Astral X Dreamy Moons Box.


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