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The 'Soar' Box by Little & Luxe

Little & Luxe are an NZ subscription box company that have been around for a while and I'm not sure why I've never bought one of their boxes before now. I feel a bit silly, because their boxes are beautiful and I love the box that I received, with the theme being 'Soar'. Little & Luxe are a lifestyle subscription box company, containing wearable items, beauty products, edible items, and more. Each month's box has a theme and you're guaranteed between four to six items in your box. A Little & Luxe box costs $65 NZD per month, and this includes the shipping price (unless you're rural, which is the case with most purchases). Sometimes Little & Luxe have boxes left over, where they then offer you the opportunity to try a one-off box, which is how I'm trying out this box.

First off, how the box was presented and packaged is stunning. To go with the theme of 'Soar', was some lovely artwork and a cute, handwritten card.

True to it's theme, this box contained a mix of five feel-good products, full of Winter goodness to help you feel fabulous during the cold months.

1. Britt's Knits Classic Beanie

If you know me personally, you know that I wear a black bowler hat about 350 days of the year. So to get a warm, black beanie for Winter, got me all sorts of excited! This beanie is cute, warm, and thick, and is what caught my eye when I first saw the 'Soar' box! Black and white works well with most colours and I like the little beige logo on the side. It's damn chilly, so I'll be getting plenty of wear from this hat for the next couple of months.


2. Essentially Tamara Shower Bombs

These beautifully wrapped goodies are Shower Bombs, created by NZ based boutique company, Essentially Tamara. These Shower Bombs were inspired by the good ole' bath bomb, and are for people that enjoy the luxuriousness and relaxation of a bath, but don't have the time. I can totally relate to this, I love baths myself and always plan to have one, but find that I run out of time to have one. The two scents that I received in this box were Honeysuckle and Peony. I ran hot water and placed the Honeysuckle Bomb on the shower floor to do it's thing. I think these are mini steamers as the steamer itself disappeared within a couple of minutes but it was lovely washing in a sweet, floral smelling, hot shower. Essentially Tamara have a range of different Shower Bombs (they even have ones for headaches!), that come in gorgeous box sets and I reckon these would make for great presents!



3. Stilen Arrow & Feather Necklace

Next up, we have this gold Arrow and Feather necklace by jewellery brand, Stilen. Stilen are an NZ based jewellery brand that create Scandinavian inspired pieces, at affordable prices. Stilen don't actually sell directly to the public though, but they do have stockists all over the country that sell their pieces. It's quite a light gold necklace on a long chain, with cute arrow and feather charms, that will go well with most outfits. I love that the 'Soar' box contains two wearable pieces!


4. Salted Caramel Steam Pudding by The Herb & Spice Mill

This Salted Caramel Steam Pudding is a warming Winter sweet treat and we should indulge ourselves every once and a while. The Herb & Spice Mill are a NZ online food store that sell a large range of high quality food products, from deserts, to pantry staples, to condiments. I heated the pudding up in the microwave for 30 seconds, added a dollop of custard to the bowl, and sat down to enjoy. I didn't get to have this pudding to myself though as my partner quickly eyed it up and wanted a bite, which turned into several (ended up giving him the rest to him). He loved it, and thought it was delicious.


6. Whipped Body Wash & Scrub by Skye Candle and Body Care

The last item in the 'Soar' box, is a Whipped Body Wash & Scrub by Skye Candle and Body Care. This company is NZ based and are creators of natural, handmade products ranging from aromatherapy, to beauty, to home fragrance. I've had a look at their online store and they have some beautiful products for sale, including DIY kits, which I'm keen to buy in the near future. As soon as I opened the box, I could smell the Black Raspberry and Vanilla fragrance. As per instructions I massaged a good amount onto damp skin, and rinsed off with warm water. This is a really great scrub and one of the best I've used, as it's super exfoliating and left my skin feeling soft and smooth, and the scent lingered on my skin after I got out of the shower.


Price: $22.90


Verdict: I was pretty impressed with my first box from Little & Luxe! All of the items in the box were of high quality, with the beauty products being cruelty-free and made in NZ. Every item was ideal for Winter and will keep you on top of the Winter blues. I don't actually have a favourite item in the 'Soar' box as I enjoyed everything equally. I can also say that this will not be my last box by Little & Luxe and I'll definitely be reviewing some more in the future. You can get your own Little & Luxe box here.


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