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My Treat 'June Body & Underwear' Box

The June Box by NZ subscription company, My Treat, contains several beautiful, natural skincare products from skincare favourites such as by nature and Little Mango, and a newly featured brand called Okana Skincare. All of these products are full-sized and are Winter essentials, to ensure your skin stays hydrated and looking and feeling good. My Treat offer three different subscriptions, along with the option of building your own box in their online store. The box I received this month was the 'Body + Underwear Box' which is $48.95 NZD per month, along with $6 shipping and features two pairs of underwear, along with seven products.

1. My Treat Underwear

Let's kick off this review with our monthly regular which is My Treat's own, branded underwear. This month's underwear comes in a peach, animal print, and a dark green polka dot print. I swear by My Treat's underwear and I hope that they continue to make them for years to come as they always look and feel so good, and their sizing is always accurate and consistent!


Price: $19.95 each

2. Natural Deodorant by Little Mango

I was excited to see this jar of rose geranium scented, natural deodorant by NZ company, Little Mango. Little Mango's deodorants were featured in the May 2018 My Treat box, and of all the natural, cream deodorants I've tried, this one is by far, my favourite. Little Mango was a finalist in the 'NZ Best in Beauty 2019 Awards' and you can see why, as their deodorants are beautiful and actually work to neutralise odour.

These deodorants are free of alumnium and synthetic chemcials and some of the ingredients are: tapioca starch, shea, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, candelilla wax, and vitamin e. Little Mango's deodorants are lightly scented, creamy, and I find that all I need to use is a pea-sized amount under each arm for all day wear, and this is a product I highly recommend trying.


Price: $17.99


3. By Nature Firming Eye Serum

For the next few boxes, I actually have a family member, Kimmy, who is helping me review some of the products in my boxes. I have a few blog posts to write up and with both work, study, and home life, it's good to get a bit of help with my reviews. So with two pairs of underwear, Kimmy and I have a pair each! Kimmy said: "I tried the eye serum in the morning after I woke up with a migraine. I had to go back to bed, so my eyes were really puffy when I got up, and the serum felt really nice and cooling. It definitely reduced the puffiness." This Firming Eye Serum from By Nature is light and perfect for delicate skin, and contains: Organic Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil, and collagen to moisturise and help tired eyes.


Price: $9.99


4. Cucumber & Lettuce Mist Toner by Okana

It's always exciting and inspiring when you see new products in My Treat's boxes made by small businesses within NZ! Okana Skincare are an Auckland-based company that create 100% natural, food-based skincare products. Okana's skincare range is also 100% edible, so you know that their products are safe and good for your skin. First off, I really like the crisp, green and white packaging, and the bottle being transparent so that you can see the refreshing, bright, toner mist. This toner mist contains seven ingredients: cucumber juice for moisturising, lettuce juice for revitalising, water for hydration, glycerin for attracting moisture, sodium levuinate for skin conditioning, sodium anisate for balancing pH levels, and apple amino acids for deep cleansing. I found this toner mist to be light on my skin, instantly refreshing and cooling, and now I want to try all of Okana's products.


Price: $14.99


5. Tea Sample from t-leaf

Kimmy said: "This sample of loose leaf, black tea, is the perfect breakfast tea as it is full bodied, but not too strong." Nothing really beats a good cup of tea in the cooler months, and it's been a bloody cold Winter so far. t-leaf have a large range of teas available on their website, everything from fruit teas, to oolong's, to herbals, to rooibo's.


6. Replenishing Night Creme from By Nature

Here we have another new product, from a much-loved, affordable brand, By Nature. This is their Replenishing Night Creme, which contains coconut oil, hyaluronic acid, and is infused with collagen, vitamin A, rosehip oil, and argan oil. First off, this creme has really pretty, tropical packaging, and the creme itself has a strong, coconut scent to it. This night creme feels rich and incredibly moisturising, and leaves you smelling like a tropical goddess.


Price: $9.49


7 & 8. Wet N Wild Crease Brush & Eyeshadow Palette

Now, to be completely honest, I have not used these two products from this month's box. That is due to there being a bit of recent controversy with Wet N Wild as a brand, and I'm not yet sure if they are 100% cruelty-free. Wet N Wild were 100% cruelty-free until recently, when it came to light that they sell their products in China. Especially since Wet N Wild, at first, denied that their brand was in the Chinese market. Since the outing, Wet N Wild have now said that yes, Wet N Wild is available in China, but that their products are not tested on animals as their products are manufactured in China, therefore, testing is not required. For me personally, and for many other cruelty-free beauty enthusiasts, that just isn't enough as there is still the risk of post-market testing within China. PETA have released a statement saying that Wet N Wild are still cruelty-free but many people question PETA as an organisation as they do not have a 'no kill' shelter policy, along with many other controversies over the years. So I'm up in the air, and feeling a bit iffy about using Wet N Wild's products until I know more about whether they actually are 100% cruelty-free. If Wet N Wild were to attain the International Leaping Bunny Certification, then I would potentially change my stance on them as a brand. As all of this news is quite recent, I can completely understand seeing Wet N Wild products in my box, however, I do hope to see makeup products by more New Zealand brands in the future.

Verdict: This was a beautiful Winter box, with the warming colours of My Treat's underwear, tea, and skincare products that will help me keep my skin hydrated during the cooler months. Even if we don't factor in the Wet N Wild products, the June box still has a lot of value that is well over $54 NZD. As always, the affordable product from By Nature continue to impress, and I was stoked to see the return of my favourite deodorant by Little Mango. It was also really nice to try the amazing Cucumber + Lettuce Mist Toner by Okana. Next month's box is all about plastic-free products, and you can get yours here.


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