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'June's Low & Slow' Box by Pantry Box

Pantry Box have kindly sent me their June box to try out, with the the theme of their June Box being 'Low & Slow'. This is the first subscription box I've tried that focuses solely on food and ingredients. Pantry Box is all about bringing monthly, themed parcels, that contain boutique products made by small businesses within New Zealand. Subscriptions are $34.95 NZD per month, along with $5 shipping. Each box contains four to five, full-sized products and themes change to reflect seasons, holidays, and produce. Pantry Box also have the option for you to build your own box, which I love! I think this box will appeal to most foodies, as you can use these ingredients and condiments in meat-free dishes, which I have chosen to do for this review. This month's 'Low & Slow' box contained a selection of five, full-sized herbs, spices, and sauces.

1. Redspice: All Purpose Seasoning

First up, we have an all purpose seasoning by Auckland based company, Redspice. This seasoning can be used when roasting, grilling, grying, or baking. Some of the ingredients are: rock salt, coconut sugar, mustard seeds, coriander seeds, smoked paprika, chilli, and cayenne pepper. This rich coloured seasoning has an exotic scent, and you can really smell the paprika.

We tend to get a weekly delivery from My Food Bag, where all our meals are decided for us and no shopping is required. I think Pantry Box is the perfect addition to My Food Bag as it contains ingredients that inject more flavour into our meals, and this Redspice certainly does. We decided to use the seasoning on roasted potatoes and I have to say, they were the tastiest roasties I've had in a long time. I'm officially obsessed with Redspice's seasoning and can see myself using it in nearly every meal we make.


Price: $7.00

2. Sids Oudtshorn Sweet Mustard by Sids Sauce

I'm a big fan of mustard and can have it with most dishes, which is why I was happy to see this condiment by New Plymouth based company, Sids Sauce, in this month's Pantry Box. We used this sweet mustard throughout a carrot and parnsip mash, as well as on the side of the dish. I found it to be quite a unique mustard, as it has a tangy hit, and has a bit of relish-like texture to it. The jar is 190ml and it's ingredients are: apricots, mustard powder, and wine vinegar. Sids Oudtshorn Sweet Mustard will suit everyone as it is gluten free, and is vegan friendly. It is also low in sodium and low in sugar. Also included in the box was a print out from Sids Sauces that contained several recipes that you can use their rubs and mustards in.


Price: $8.00

3. Gourmet Chilli Sauce by Fire Dragon Chillies

I love a bit of heat to my food, so this Gourmet Chilli Sauce by NZ company, Fire Dragon Chillies, will be used with many a dish. I was so keen to try this that I just ordered a garlic and cheese pizza, and then drizzled it on top! This is Central American style chilli sauce and the chillies used are grown in Hokianga in NZ. You can use this sauce as a topping with Mexican dishes, and you can also use it as a marinade or add into stews. I received a 200ml bottle and this chilli sauce also contains: carrot, organic cider vinegar, spring water, onion, garlic, lime, lemon, olive oil, and organic sea salt. It says on the bottle that it's heat rating is 5 out of 10, and it definitely does pack a good punch!


Price: $18.00

4. Gourmet Seasoning by wild fennel co.

This seasoning by wild fennel co. contains: sea salt, sumac, cumin, mustard, and coriander. The seasoning has a mild spice level and is also vegan friendly. I decided to add a bit of this seasoning to a curry to give it more flavour. You can use their sachets of gourmet seasoning in pretty much any dish of your choosing and you get enough seasoning for roughly 2-3 family sized meals.

We decided to add this seasoning to a gorgeous vegetable curry to give it a little something extra and it tasted delicious.


Price: $4.95

5. BBQ Pork & Rib Rub by Raptor Rubs

Don't worry, I didn't use this rub on pork! I instead thought I'd try this herb and spice mix by NZ brand, Raptor Rubs, in a bean taco mix.

This mix does actually contain all vegan ingredients such as: coconut sugar, garlic, fennel, ginger, paprika, cumin, chipotle, star anise, and maple powder, to name a few, so you're looking at a jar that is packed full of flavour that you can add to any dish! This seasoning does have a rich, smokey scent to it, and is perfect for curries, and Mexican dishes.


Price: $11.90

Verdict: I think Pantry Box is a good subscription for if you lack a bit of imagination in the kitchen, or need just a bit more inspiration, or you just love trying different flavours in your cooking. With a different theme every month, from sweet treats, to spices and sauces, to drinking ingredients, there's a lot that will tickle your taste buds. You wouldn't have known it from looking at some of the packaging of the products in the 'Low & Slow' box, but all of these products are suitable for vegetarians, and some for vegans. Pantry Box makes for the perfect gift for the foodie, and this month's box contained a good $50 worth of NZ products. Next month's box has a theme of 'Mid-Winter Christmas' and is full of warming Winter products. You can get your 'Mid-Winter Christmas' box here.


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