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Honeybundle 'April Box'

This is my last Honeybundle box for a little while but I'll be back in a few months as a subscriber. This box here is the 'Honeybundle', which Honeybundle is no longer making. Don't despair though, as they have two other subscriptions to choose from, with the first one being 'Honeybundle Handmade'. This contains four full-sized, handmade products and is $25 per month. Their second bundle is the 'Honeybundle Cycle' which is built around nurturing you during your cycle and contains Crimson organic tampons, two Honeybundle Handmade products, and a variety of extras to help you through your cycle. This April box does give you a good idea of what Honeybundle is all about and the types/brands of products that they like to include for their subscribers, and features a couple of Honeybundle's handmade products.

The April box contained six beautiful, natural, cruelty-free products.

1. Honeybundle Handmade Woman's Tea

Here we have one of the two Honeybundle Handmade products which is a loose leaf tea blend. This 10g blend gives you at least five or six big cups and contains: organic raspberry leaf, wildcrafted nettle, organic alfalfa, and organic spearmint. This tea is just what you need during the cooler nights and when you have your period as the ingredients in this blend can help balance hormones. The tea itself smells and tastes amazing, and I could really taste the nettle and spearmint, and is a beautiful blend.

Rating: ❤❤❤❤/5


2. Matcha Balm by BeKind body co.

This multi-purpose Matcha Balm is handmade by Nelson company, BeKind body co. BeKind body co. create a range of skincare products for both men and women, as well as makeup. All of their products are cruelty free, organic, and plastic free, and I absolutely love the wooden packaging for their Matcha Balm! This balm contains: shea butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil, matcha powder, and Vitamin E. It's both a lip and under eye balm, as well as a natural colour corrector. You can apply it to your lips to moisturize them, under your eyes to plump and tighten your skin, and you can also use this balm before putting on foundation, by applying to red or dark spots on your face. The Matcha Balm is scentless, glides onto your skin easily and is definitely a product I'll be using a lot.


Price: $19.00


3. Tangerine Cream Deodorant by Plant & Share

Next up, we have a jar of Tangerine Cream Deodorant by Plant & Share. Plant & Share are also based in amazing Nelson, and their products are handmade and cruelty free, with a focus on products that are safe and natural, for mothers, babies, and families. Plant & Share use certified organic and spray free ingredients wherever available and tend to use Nelson grown herbs. Over at their website, they have a large variety of products to choose from and even offer product refills.

Their cream deodorant contains: coconut oil, mango butter, baking soda, shea butter, tapioca starch, tangerine oil, and bergamot oil. This cream deodorant comes in a 55g glass jar, and it was nice to see a 'best before' date on the bottom of the jar. The deodorant itself has the light, refreshing scent of tangerine, and is just pure, creamy goodness! Not only does it neutralise odour, it's also incredibly moisturising, and I think I've just discovered my new, favourite deodorant!


Price: $25.00


4. Soap Free Face Cleanser by Beekeeper's Daughter

Check out this beautiful, and large jar of soap free face cleanser, handmade by Tairua based company, Beekeeper's Daughter. Beekeeper's Daughter are a boutique natural skincare company, who use honey bee by-products in their skincare range. These honey bee by-products are from their own family's hives. Their Soap Free Face Cleanser contains: organic coconut oil, Manuka Honey, sodium bicarbonate, and tangerine oil.

Beekeeper's Daughter's Soap Free Face Cleanser removes makeup, moisturises, exfoliates, and cleanses. Manuka Honey has amazing properties and is anti-bacterial, soothing, and healing. The jar itself is 120g, so you're getting a lot of product in the one jar. A cute mini honey dipper has also been included, to stir the cleaner with, and it can also be used to apply the cleanser to your face instead of using your fingers. I'm having a bit of breakout at the moment, so this cleanser is just what I need to calm my skin. The cleanser itself has a rich, sweet, honey scent, and is a deep golden-brown colour. This cleanser felt very exfoliating and luxurious, and a little went a long way. You can also get refills of products from Beekeeper's Daughter which I love, as you're reusing your jars.


Price: $24.00


5. Honeybundle Handmade Body Butter

Yum, this handmade body butter made by Honeybundle, is a jar of natural, fluffy cloud goodness! It smells beautiful and looks and feels like whipped cream. I'm loving the cute jar and tag and this soft butter left my skin feeling soft and moisturised, without being greasy whatsoever.

This body butter contains: shea butter, organic coconut oil, jojoba oil, and ylang ylang essential oil. Each Honeybundle Handmade product I've received so far, has been so lovingly made and presented with love and care.



6. Zen Brew by Misty Day Plant Potions

When I saw this herbal powder by Misty Day Plant Potions, you bet I was excited! Misty Day Plant Potions are an Auckland based company who create plant potions utilising traditional Western & Eastern herbal medicine. I'm always stressing about one thing or another, so Zen was a fitting Plant Potion to receive in the April box. The Zen Plant Potion contains all organic ingredients: blue spirulina extract (contains the antioxidant phycocyanin that supports healthy inflammation); pineapple (contains Vitamin C and supports healthy digestion); ginger (supportive of the body and calming); holy basil - tulsi (supports a peaceful mind); ashwagandha extract; and Himalayan sea salt.

This potion contains 24 serves and directions are to add one teaspoon to hot water or milk, and then add a sweetener to create a calming drink. This potion can also be added to smoothies, juices, desserts, and baking. I chose to try it out in a cup of hot milk, and added a bit of sugar to sweeten it. And wow, it tasted really, really good! I'm surprised as usually, I don't like the taste of powders added to my drinks. Also, it made my milk blue which is an added bonus. I'm now obsessed with this Plant Potion and will be having a hot cup of milk and Zen, every night now before bed to settle my mind and chill me out.


Price: $35.00


Verdict: The April Honeybundle Box was inspiring, with all of the products being natural, handmade, and nurturing. I truly appreciated every product in this month's box, and am thankful to have discovered these wonderful New Zealand brands. Each product has its own, unique packaging and ingredients, and all are of high quality and made with love. As the rest of the year unfolds, I'm intrigued to see what Honeybundle does next. You can subscribe to Honeybundle's 'Handmade' and 'Cycle' boxes here.


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