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Antipodean Witch 'February Box'

This month's box is my third one from Antipodean Witch. I'll be taking a little break from the Antipodean Witch Box after this one as anyone with a bit of a subscription addiction will know, it can get a little bit expensive. It's been a great experience trying their boxes though, and in just three months of boxes I now have a varied collection of herbs, crystals, and symbolic items. The theme of the February box is the gift of love, brought by the full red moon in Virgo. Valentines Day is also in February (which i completely forgot about until I saw this month's box). And a quick update on the candles from the January box, they were included in this box, so great customer service! Antipodean Witch offer two different subscriptions, their standard box and then their plastic-free box which I have opted for. The plastic-free box is $49 AUD along with $19 shipping. This month's box contains 17 loved up items.

Below is the booklet that came with the February box which discusses the gift of love, contains the almanac for February 2019, includes a recipe and ritual, and has detailed information about each item in this box.

1 & 2. Herbs: Rosella / Hibiscus & Coltsfoot

Rosella / Hibiscus, also called Hibiscus sabdariffa, has been growing in Australia since pre-colonial times and is known as an 'Australian Rose'. Rosella can be used in herbal teas and helps aid digestive and kidney problems. It also known as an aphrodisiac and helps enhance psychic insight. I found that it has a lovely, sweet smell to it and I'll be using this as a tea. Coltsfoot is a plant that has a yellow flower that looks like a dandelion and the leaf is used in medicine for lung problems and upper respiratory tract issues. This plant grows in Summer and some of it's attributes are love, fertility, psychic ability and prosperity.

3, 4 & 5. Rose Petal Votive Spell Candles, Heart's Desire Tea Light Holder & Heart Chalkboard Spell Slate

These two votive tealight candles are made from a soy wax blend with dried rose petals that will give off a soft rose scent. Along with the candles there is a tea light holder that has a circle of hearts which is a Nordic motif that symbolises the love of family. The small heart-shaped chalkboard slate can be used to write a sigil, oracle word, or touchstone to assist in spell work, or daily affirmations.

6 & 7. Love Sigil and Affirmation & Lammas Wheat Sheaf Spray

This month's Love sigil and affirmation has deep red and orange hues and can be displayed on your altar or attached to your mirror. The Lammas Wheat Sheaf Spray celebrates the harvest and also represents fertility, love, and abundance. These ears of wheat have been coloured and bound with a red ribbon.

8, 9 & 10. Crystals: Red Agate Slice, Dragon Stone, & Mahogany Obsidian

The slice of red agate in this month's box is mesmerizing and with it's unique patterns, no two slices of Agate are ever the same. Agate slices are known as being protective and healing crystals. The Dragon Stone has flecks of black, green, and red throughout. Legend states that Dragon's Stone are the fossilized remains of dragons, with the green being the skin, and red, the blood. There is a lot to this powerful stone, but a few of it's attributes are prosperity, love, wisdom, and luck. The third stone in the February box is Mahogany Obsidian.This natural glass obsidian contains Magnetitie or Haematite which creates the shades of mahogany throughout. This stone is believed to assist with confidence and protection from self doubt and negative thoughts.

11. Aphrodite's Apple

This symbolic apple has been hand painted and in gold, we have the symbol of Venus / Aphrodite. The inclusion of the apple in this box fits well with this month's theme as the apple is associated with love, beauty, femininity, fertility, the afterlife, immortality, and wisdom. This apple can be used in love rituals and to celebrate harvest sabbats.

12. Raven Triple Moon Pendant

The jewelery in this month's box is a necklace with a Raven Triple Moon pendant. The triple moon motif on this pendant is redolent to the Morrigan, a goddess in Irish mythology,who represents war, fate, and death. The Morrigan is also associated with rivers, lakes, and fresh water and is a guardian and protector. Also known as Badb in Irish mythology, the Morrigan takes form as the crow. This is a beautiful pendant necklace that I'm sure all subscribers will love and feel connected to.

13 & 14. Incense Blend and Herb: Lady's Mantle

This month's incense is a bit different and comes in the form of a resin and herb blend in a glass jar, unlike the two previous boxes where I received incense sticks. This resin and herb blend is a mix of Boswellia Papyrifera (also known as Sudanese Frankincense), Commiphora Myrrha, and Boswellia Sacra. Also added in are the scents of sandalwood, styrax, dammar, copal and then, the leaves of Camellia Sinensis. This blend is different to other incense I've smelt, as it has a sultry smokey and spicy hint to it. The third herb in the Februray box is Lady's Mantle. This herb is also called Alchemilla, and is a powerful female herb that is also known as the herb of alchemists. Lady's Mantle is associated with Freya and fairy lore, and can be used in love spells, along with fertility magic.

15. Immaculate Heart Three of Swords Spell Chest

This spell chest is a very interesting item and can be used in love rituals. Now, I don't know too much about symbology and there actually a few items in in this box and a couple in previous boxes, that I need to read more about, before using them. This heart spell chest is symbolic of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the swords represent the three swords of the tarot deck. This chest also opens up to reveal a wooden heart inside. A beautiful item, but one that I need to learn about.

16. Consecrated Bath Salts for Love

The last item in the February box is this large glass jar of consecrated bath salts. These bath salts are made from sea salt, Himalayan salt, epsom salts, essential oil of rose with warm spices, and vanilla. It also contains bits of dried rose petals throughout. Probably my favourite of the bath salts so far, as I cant't get enough of the heady and romantic scent of this floral mix.

Verdict: The 'Love' themed February box contained an assortment of items, with each one staying true to the box's theme. There was plenty of symbolism in this box, and as I mentioned before, there is a lot that I need research on and much for me to learn. But this is a good subscription box for both the knowledgeable and the beginner, and with over ten items in each box, this is a bountiful subscription box with plenty of items to incorporate into your altar, rituals, and life. If you are interested in subscribing to this box, take a look over at the magical Antipodean Witch.


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