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Antipodean Witch 'January Box'

This is my second magical box from Australian subscription box company Antipodean Witch, with the theme of this box being January's Thunder Moon which brings the gift of transformation. Antipodean Witch offer two different subscriptions, their standard box and then their plastic-free box which I have opted for. The plastic-free box is $49 AUD along with $19 shipping. This month's box contains 16 items, though I was missing two of the items in this box. Antipodean Witch have great customer service and informed their subscribers well in advance that their candles would be coming in next month's box and they they did offer to send out the other missing item in the next box for me also, but I chose to not get it sent as the item is a spell jar which contains water and there's the possibility that it could leak during transit. Just like the first box I received, I was hit with a wave of wonderful scents and a variety of different items.

Below is the booklet that came with the January box which discusses the gift of transformation, contains the almanac for January 2019, has detailed information about each item in this box, and more.

1 & 2. Crystal: Bornite Peacock Ore & Herb: Laurel Bay Leaf

This month's box contained an assortment of crystals and herbs with this first crystal being Bornite Peacock Ore. This copper oxide stone, when tarnished, gives out deep shades of blue, turquoise, pink, and gold. Bornite is a great healing stone in that it is helpful in reducing fever and swelling and synchronizes the body's cellular structure. The first herb in this box is the Laurel Bay Leaf, which has many uses. Bay leaves can be used in removing negative energy as well as providing positive energy in your home.

3. Transforming Cage Pendant

This cage pendant included as this month's wearable item, allows you to carry a crystal (or two), or another small item on your person, and is one of my favourite items in this box. The cage itself can be stretched to hold a stone of your choosing. The turquoise, blue string that holds the pendant is quite long, so you can wear this either under or over your shirt, and I'll be frequently using this pendant.

4. Herb: Elderberries

Elderberries are a well known medicinal plant and can be used to help treat colds and the flu and are high in antioxidants. Elderberries are plant that is commonly used in healing spell work and some of it's properties are protection, rebirth, purification and of course, transformation. In this month's booklet, there is a recipe to make Trans-formative Elderberry Syrup with this jar of dried elderberries which I'll be having a go at making.

5. Transformation Sigil and Affirmation

An item that features in every box is a sigil and affirmation card to display on your altar or attach to your mirror. I'm loving the shades of blue and art on this month's sigil!

6. Transformative Bath Salts

Just like in last month's box, I've received a large jar of bath salts, so I'm assuming that there's always going to be a bath product in each month's box. This jar of relaxing bath salts contains sea salt, Himalayan salt, lavender flowers and a variety of different oils such as ylang ylang, patchouli, orange, lavender, sandalwood and my favourite, jasmine. You could also use this as a cleansing shower scrub if you prefer.

7 & 8. Sea Spirit Incense & Ostrea Angasi Trinket Dish

This month's set of incense sticks envokes the scents of the sea and driftwood. The trinket dish next to it is a natural oyster shell which you can use to hold incense or other small treasures. Oysters also symbolize transformation, peace and harmony, and are associated with the lunar forces.

9 & 10. Crystals: Opalite & Teal Agate

Two more beautiful stones I received are Opalite and Teal Agate. Opalite is a man-made glass resin made from Dolomite and metal but it's absolutely beautiful with it's milky shades of blue, pink and green. Opalite is a stone that helps boost your own personal power and self-esteem and can be used in healing your emotions. Next to the Opalite, we have the stone agate, with this one having deep blue and green hues. Agate comes in several different colours and is known as a protective stone. They even used to be put in the breastplates of Greek armour to provide the warrior protection.

11 & 12. Australian Native Herb: Coastal Saltbush & Hag Stone

The third herb in this box is an Australian native herb called Coastal Saltbush. Saltbush can actually be used as a seasoning in food and has a salty flavour, but traditionally Saltbush was used in medicine by indigenous Australians. This herb is associated with the element of water element and it definitely has what I would consider, a strong ocean smell. Coastal Saltbush can be used in spell sachets, burnt or imbibed. Hag Stones are stones with naturally formed holes running clean through them, and you can clearly see the hole through my hag stone in the above photo. The holes in hag stones are created by centuries of dripping or running water and they are considered rare and are are believed to guard their owner from ill fortune and the evil eye.

13 & 14. Colouring Book of Shadows: Southern Hemisphere Planner for a Magical 2019 & Colouring Pencils

And last but not least, is my favourite item in this month's box which is the Colouring Book of Shardows: Southern Hemisphere Planner by Amy Cesari.

It also came with some colouring in pencils but I've chosen to use my own set of Faber Castell pencils with this book. I use a Kikki K Planner daily, and having a planner is a big part of organising my life, so I was delighted to see this magical planner in this month's box.

As you can see above, this is the cover page which I've nearly finished colouring in. This Colouring Book of Shadows Planner contains the most stunning artwork and is chock full of useful info, seasonal spells and rituals and monthly and weekly calendar pages.

Above is a photo of two of the weekly view pages and I can't wait to incorporate this book into my year!

Verdict: I can't fault the Antipodean Witch Box at all, as it's a truly unique box that is curated with a lot of thought and care for it's Australian and New Zealand subscribers. I really love receiving a package each month that allows me to build up my ingredients, crystals and other symbolic treasures. As you can see, there is plenty of variety in this box with herbs, crystals, incense, bath salts, charms and more. If you're interested in this box, I would highly recommend subscribing to the plastic-free box. It may be a little bit more expensive but with that you get all of your items in little drawstring bags and gorgeous glass jars. If you are interested in subscribing to this box, take a look over at the magical Antipodean Witch.


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