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My Treat 'November Body & Underwear' Box

The second to last box from My Treat for the year of 2018 is big one, with a larger box and large products! The theme for the November box is 'New Zealand Made' and this box was full of wonderful local products and there was some serious variety this month. This box is the 'Body + Underwear' box, which is $48.95 NZD per month along with $6 shipping. There has been a $4.00 price increase for the 'Body + Underwear' box, but this increase just reflects the quality, quantity and size of the items in each month's box and it's clear to see, compared to other subscription box companies out there, that My Treat have made it a priority to make their boxes affordable to their subscribers. The November 'New Zealand Made' box came with two pairs of underwear and five, full-sized, locally made products.

1. By Nature Body Lotion

By Nature products frequently appear in My Treat's boxes and that's because they're a local, natural brand, that make a huge variety of products and at an affordable price. This Pink Grapefruit & Argan Oil body lotion is in a whooping 500ml bottle, so this will last for a long time. The combination of grapefruit extract, argan oil, and Vitamine E will ensure your skin stays moisturised and soft in the summer months ahead. The lotion has a light, citrus scent, and as with all By Nature products, is free of parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates, propylene glycol and artificial colours. The great thing about My Treat boxes, is that you'll end up with quite a collection of beauty products, and for myself, as I have quite a few body lotions already, this will make for a great Christmas present!

Price: $9.99 Rating: ❤❤❤❤/5


2. Serious Popcorn by Serious Food Co.

This bag of Certified Organic popcorn is seriously delicious and I devoured all of it in just a couple of minutes. This popcorn also had the perfect balance of sweet and salty flavours, with the sugar used in Serious Food Co.'s popcorn being raw, fair trade, organic sugar from India, and the salt being organic sea salt from Marlborough, New Zealand. Other than that, the only other ingredients in this popcorn is the corn itself and certified organic coconut oil and this is a snack that I seriously need to stock up on.

Price: $2.00 (minimum spend of $30 at Serious Food Co.'s website) Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤/5


3. Monthly Underwear

This month's underwear are as always gorgeous. I received the same pink lacy boy short underwear in the November box, but I don't mind as both pairs will be worn. My fave pair in this box is definitely the zebra patterned underwear with the khaki lace trim and bow as I find this style of underwear a lot more comfortable and the pattern and colours are so cute!

Price: $29.95 each Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤/5

4. Mirumiru NZ Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Next up, we have some shampoo and conditioner bars by mirumiru NZ who are based in Rotorua. I'm well accustomed with hair bars from working with LUSH, and I really appreciate these plastic-free, reusable products. Mirumiru sell their shampoo and conditioner bars in two sizes, small and large, with the large bar lasting three months and the smaller bar lasting one month and the ones I received are the smaller bars. Some of the natural ingredients that you'll find in these bars are: coconut oil, castor oil, avocado oil and cocoa butter. I'm actually using a shampoo bar at the moment, so will wait to try these out but these black raspberry and vanilla scented bars smell divine and they look super moisturising. I'm really curious to try out the conditioner bar and I'm hoping I love it, as unlike their shampoo bars, LUSH solid conditioners are terrible! For best storage, place your bars on a flat surface in the shower or let them dry and pop them into a container.

Price: $17 for both Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤/5


5. Artemis Thyme & Lemon Tonic

This November box has an amazing variety of different products and My Treat have included a large bottle of Thyme & Lemon Tonic by Dunedin company, Artemis. This tonic was formulated by Artemis owner, Sandra Clair who is a Swiss Medical Herbalist and the thyme used in this bottle of goodness is freshly handpicked in Central Otago. It is then infused with lemons in pure mineral water. As per the instructions, I diluted 10ml of the tonic in cold water but this would be so good to have in some hot water on a cold winter night. It makes for a really nice, soothing drink and it took me back to when I was a kid and my parents would make me a lemon honey drink when I was sick. You're going to get about 25 cups from this bottle and this is a great tonic to stock in your pantry for when you've got a bit of cold!

Price: $49.90 Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤/5


6. Absolute Essential Stress Less Blend

The last item in the November box is an essential oil blend called Stress Less by Auckland company, Absolute Essential. This oil blend contains a mix of organic ingredients which are: lemon, used to inspire positive thinking, lavender sweet, a gentle relaxant, Australian Sandlewood, a relaxant for an over-active mind (I suffer from this!) and bergamot, a natural anti-depressant that also builds confidence. This oil smells beautiful and one whiff had me feeling much better. I've been doing a bit of reading on essential oils and you have to be slightly careful with them, I wouldn't recommend smothering yourself with this, especially if you have sensitive skin. Essential oils have many uses though, you can add a few drops to a bath, use it in a diffuser, in compresses, and massages, but if you are applying it to your skin, definitely use a carrier oil or cream. This is one of my most loved items in the November box as I've been starting to use essential oils in my life.

Price: $29.95 Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤/5


Verdict: Another strong box from My Treat, who are truly going out with a bang this year, and I'm beyond excited to see what's in the December box! There were several brands in this box that I hadn't heard or seen before, and I'm glad that My Treat are bringing these NZ brands to their subscribers to discover and enjoy. Also included in this month's box were four online store vouchers with savings of 15-20%! I'm also really loving My Treat's new packaging, with the sturdier boxes, straw filling and absolutely no plastic! You can get subscription here.


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