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Antipodean Witch 'December Box'

This blog post is about a box that is very different to any other box I've received and written about before. This box is by Australian company, Antipodean Witch and contains a mixture of magical items for Southern Hemisphere witches. Now as this is all quite new to me, this is going to me more of an informative post than a review and there won't be a rating for each item as I found each item to be special and equal. Antipodean Witch have two different subscription options, their standard box, and then a plastic-free upgrade which costs a little bit more. I opted for the plastic-free upgrade as I try to not use plastic where I can. Instead of plastic, items instead come in fabric bags, glass jars, and paper. Their plastic-free box cost me $49 AUD along with $19 shipping, so around $72 NZD. I'm happy with this price though as this box was one of the most special boxes I've ever received and full of beautiful items that can be a bit hard to find. You can expect to receive between 10-20 items in your monthly box and I was delightfully overwhelmed by the quantity, quality, and the beautiful scents in this month's box.

A bit more about the theme of this month's box. Boxes are sent out before the following month, so that you have tools to use for the next month's moon. So I received this box in November and it contains items for the moon phases of December, with the full moon being the Swan Moon which brings us the gift of peace. Antipodean Witch provides a booklet with their boxes that has beautiful cover art and is very informative and talks about each item in detail.

1. Peace Incense Holder & Fae Dreams Incense

First we have an incense holder, hand-made from reclaimed mango wood by an ethical women's collective in Thailand which I really love and it's great that Antipodean Witch are supporting women's communities such as this one. I also received a handful of incense sticks that combine the scents of jasmine, sweet honey and marsala. Jasmine is actually my most-loved flower and scent, with it being romantic, energy boosting and mood lifting.

2. Australian Native Herb: Callistemon

Callistemon, also known as Bottlebrush and native to Australia, represents fertility and love. From what I have read about Callistemon, it is used to aid in mother-child bonding and dealing with major life changes. Callistemon is also very similar to the flowers of our New Zealand native tree, Pohutukawa. As you can see above, these are the jars that contain your herbs if you subscribe to the plastic-free box.

3 & 4. Silver Pillar Candle and Cold Steel Protection Charm

This silver candle is perfect to use in rituals and is long lasting, as it will burn for more than 12 hours and as I don't have a silver candle at home, this a welcome addition. I'm looking forward to the collection of herbs, charms, stones and candles that I will be collecting in my Antipodean Witch Boxes. Thanks to all the herbs and incense in this month's box, this pillar candle also smells amazing. Next to it, we have a cold steel protection charm which is an ancient ward made from two nails of steel, crossed over and bound with jute cord. This protective charm can be carried around on your person or hung above beds and doorways.

5. Peace Sigil and Affirmation

Next, we have a double sided card, with a sigil on one side and an affirmation on the other. From what I've seen of previous boxes, Antipodean Witch include a sigil card each month. The affirmation on the card is a positive statement with affirmations being more powerful when spoken into a mirror. I also really like the artwork on this card and this is a lovely piece to display on your altar or around your home.

6. Crystal: Raw Smoky Quartz

In this month's box I received three crystals, with this first one being raw smoky quartz. There is so much depth to this crystal and I sat for quite a while just turning it in my hands and looking at it from different angles and lighting. Smoky quartz is a protection stone and has cleansing and healing properties. This stone is grounding and can be used to remove negative energies in and around you. This is a stone that I will be turning to in times of stress.

7. Midsummer Peace Bath Salts

This large glass jar contains an intoxicating blend of Himalayan salt, sea salt, epsom salts, essential oils, herbs and flowers. Having a bath is a ritual in itself, and is the perfect way to cleanse yourself of all the stresses of the day. For me and many others, baths not only cleanse my body, but my mind also. As I have quite a cupboard of bath products, I'll be saving these salts for when I really need them.

8. Element Stone Set

These hand painted glass stones represent the four elemental symbols which are fire, water, air and earth. According to the booklet in the box, these gems can be carried around in your pocket to be used as focal points for working with elements. I like how Antipodean Witch have also stated that these stones are also a reminder that tools can be simple yet effective. You don't need to spend lots of money on expensive and elaborate tools.

9. Sun Coin Bracelet / Anklet

The December Box even contains jewelery with this sun coin piece that you can wear as either a bracelet or anklet. I've chosen to wear this as an anklet and I adore the jingling sound as I walk around. I don't normally wear silver jewelry but this piece is stunning and one that I probably wear regularly.

10. Herb: Chamomile

I'm quite familiar with the herb, chamomile, and regularly drink chamomile tea before bed to help me relax. Chamomile is considered to be a lucky herb and in Egypt, was associated with the gods of the sun. This jar of chamomile can be used in infusions or teas and as an incense. Chamomile as a peaceful herb has many uses, and can be used for: meditation, protection, calming, sleep, and purification.

11 & 12. Crystals: Cats Eye and Haematite

Along with my raw smoky quartz, I also received two other precious stones. The larger, rounder crystal on the left is Cats Eye which has protective properties along with ties to insight, clarity, peace and stillness. The second crystal is Haematite, which is one of the oldest stones on Earth, and is iron in its purest state. This is purposefully given as a smaller stone as a small piece helps to ground and center your energy whereas too large a piece can weigh you down. Haematites are protective stones and I will hold this one close to me as it is beneficial for women who lack courage and self confidence. Both of these stones provide peace and tie in well with this month's theme.

13. Eucalyptus, Lavender & Rosemary Smudge Bundle

The smudge stick I received smells absolutely amazing and when I first opened the box I was in awe of the smells that hit me. This smudge bundle is a combination of wild-crafted eucalyptus leaves, lavender and rosemary with sweet meadow oaten hay. A safe way to burn smudge sticks is in a fireproof bowl or cauldron opposed to holding it. I've never used a smudge bundle before and I'm intrigued to use one, especially as I need a bit of purification in my life, there's a bit of negativity around that I'm wanting to dispel, so thank you Antipodean Witch for this tool, along with all the other wonderful items.

14 & 15. Solar Pentagram Hanging Wind Chime and Scrying Mirror

Starting off with the solar pentagram wind chime, wow, this is handmade treasure that a lot care and love went into the making. With a series of pentagrams as part of a pentacle design and the lovely sound of the silver bells, this wind chime will be sure to bring midsummer blessings into the home. I also received a scrying mirror in this month's box. Now I'm not going to get into scrying as I myself don't know much about this topic yet, but this is divination tool that I look forward to learning more about on my journey.

16. Herb: Vervain

The last item in the box is a jar of the herb, Vervain. Vervain has been used since Ancient Roman times and was used in rituals of purification and cleansing. It has a very strong scent, and can be used to tap into wisdom and banish negativity. Reading more about this herb, I learnt that Vervain is a feminine herb that associates with the planet Venus, and is used in Midsummer celebrations. You can also make Vervain tea which is bitter, but I think I'll make some as it helps people that suffer from insomnia and work related stress.

Verdict: This was an incredibly special box for me, and it's even more beautiful in person. The photos don't do the box justice, you really need to touch and smell each item yourself. I cannot fault a single item in this box, and I felt that I couldn't rate each item, this is partly due to me learning about each item and because all items were equal to one another. This blog post also took me most of the day as I spent most of my time feeling, smelling, and reading more about each item. There are an unbelievable amount of tools and variety in this box, from herbs, to bath salts, candles, incense, crystals, charms, and more. I'm beyond excited for next month's box and all of the carefully chosen treasures that I'll be receiving. If you are interested in subscribing to this box, take a look over at Antipodean Witch.


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