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My Treat 'July Body + Underwear' Box

The July box by My Treat or should I say, the July bag, is literally jam packed with goodies, with plenty of makeup, sweet treats, products for your period, and of course, underwear! There are three different boxes you can subscribe to, with this one being the 'Body & Underwear' Box, which is $44.95 NZD per month along with $6.00 shipping. My Treat have also revamped their website, it looks amazing, is easy to navigate, and you should definitely check it out. This month's box has the most items I've received yet, with nine different products and two pairs of underwear.

1. Candie's Black Lace Underwear

Black and lacy makes for the perfect pair of underwear and I'm happy I got this in the July box, as one of my pairs has a hole in it. Receiving monthly underwear replenishes my underwear drawer and means I can throw out the old and enjoy the new!

Price: $29.95 Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤/5

2. Kiwigarden Yoghurt Drops

Once in a while, My Treat will include something edible in their boxes and this time, it's these passionfruit flavoured yoghurt drops by NZ brand, Kiwigarden. These cute freeze dried drops come in various fruity flavours, contains real fruit and are a good source of probiotics. It took me awhile to like them, but after my third handful, I got used to the slightly odd, slightly sour taste.

Price: $4.70 Rating: ❤❤❤/5

3. Wet N Wild Crease Brush

I've used Wet N Wild's makeup brushes before, and they're quite good for the price! This brush is designed with a long tip and the brush is tapered for picking up shadows and applying to the crease of your eyelid. The great thing about these brushes is that they are cruelty-free and the brush is made from synthetic Polymax fibers which feels like natural hairs.

Price: $5.95 Rating: ❤❤❤❤/5


4. Menstrual Cup by My Cup NZ

This next product by My Cup NZ, is a menstrual cup, and something I've never used before. This cup is made from premium medical grade silicone, and is an alternative to other sanitary products such as pads and tampons. You can read more about these sustainable menstrual products over at the My Cup website. These period cups are cost-effective and it's awesome to see that My Cup NZ has a buy-one-give-one model, so for every cup purchased, one is given back to the community. I haven't used this product yet, and I'm not sure if I will, just due to personal preference and will most likely gift this to someone who will use it regularly, but I do like the idea of the product, and this is one that is sustainable and will help women save money.

Price: $45.00 Rating: ❤❤❤❤/5


5. Wet N Wild XXL Lash Mascara

I was in need of a new mascara, and My Treat came to the rescue yet again! Wet N Wild is a great brand for people who are wanting makeup that is affordable but also cruelty free and you can find their products in Farmers stores and online. A couple of the ingredients in this mascara are soy and wheat protein to help thicken lashes, and acai oil to protect lashes.

This mascara is packaged in a chunky black tube and the wand has thick, twisted bristles. The XXL mascara by Wet N Wild, is just okay though, I wouldn't say it gives much volume to my lashes, and I didn't notice much of a difference after application. It's more of a product that I would use for everyday wear, such as to work as it doesn't clump, and slightly defines while keeping your lashes still looking natural.

Price: $8.66 Rating: ❤❤❤❤/5


6. 'I'm Chili' Underwear by Hunkemoller

My underwear drawer used to be so boring but since My Treat came into my life more than a year ago, I'm now stocked up with so many colourful, laciest, cheeky pairs to choose from. The majority of the underwear I've received, including this fire-engine red pair, are super comfortable, fun, breathable and soft.

Price: $29.99


7. Contents by Allegro Cosmetics Bag

Cosmetics bags are such a handy item to have, especially for travelling. I love how My Treat used a variety of different cosmetics bags to send this month's items , instead of the a box. One thing I would like to see in the future though, is courier stickers being used on the boxes instead of courier bags made from plastic. This bag is the perfect size to fit all of your makeup for a quick getaway trip and My Treat made sure that a wide range of different colours and styles of cosmetics bags went out to all of their customers and I'm looking forward to seeing more surprises from My Treat in the future.


8. Wet N Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain

The third Wet N Wild product in the July box, is this chunky Megaslick stick by Wet N Wild. This crayon balm stain glides across the lips and is incredibly moisturising. It's just like a lip balm, except it adds a bit of colour to your lips and contains acai palm oil that forms a shield that protects lips from feathering. It must also contain mint or a similar ingredient as it left a slight cooling and tingling sensation on my lips.

The colour of the balm does look quite a bit different after application though, as this shade made my lips more of a bright pink then the darker berry shade of the actual stick. It's not a bad product, and I wouldn't hesitate to try a different shade, but this based on what this looks like on, I'm not sure if I would wear this going out.

Price: $9.95 Rating: ❤❤❤/5


9. Ecobird Cloth Feminine Pads

The second product in the July box for periods is a feminine reusable hygiene pad by Ecobird that you can buy from Enhanced Health NZ. These pads come in various funky patterns, are made from soft bamboo fabric and are environmentally friendly. I received the light pad which I would only be using this towards the end of my period, but you can also get these pads for medium and heavy flow and are easy to clean. They also have little buttons on the side so that you can securely wear them in your underwear.

Price: $19.90 for a twin pack Rating: ❤❤❤/5

10. Linden Leaves Body Oil

I get really excited when I see Linden Leaves in boxes, as their products are consistently beautiful smelling and are completely relaxing. This Absolute Dreams body oil is from their Aromatherapy Synergy range and contains key active ingredients such as avocado oil and Vitamin E to support collagen development and to protect your skin. This oil also contains rosehip, almond and apricot kernel oils to keep your skin feeling supple and soft. This oil smells so amazing, I literally have been sitting here for five minutes just sniffing this bottle of dreamy oil. I'm going to go have a shower after I post this blog and lather myself up in this soothing oil before slipping into my PJ's!

Price: $19.99 for four 10ml bottles Rating: ❤❤❤/5


11. Wet N Wild Color Icon Eye-shadow Palette

As you can see, this month's box had quite a few makeup products by Wet N Wild and this last item is their Color Icon 'Bare and Beautiful' eye-shadow palette. First off, I tend to only wear nude colours, so this palette is perfect for me. What makes it better is each shade is for each part of your eye from the base, to the crease, brow bone, eyelid and then to define, which takes the hassle out of getting ready for work in the morning.

This palette is super compact, so you can easily carry it around in your bag. For the price of this palette, the pigmentation is quite good, however there is a bit of fallout with the darker shades so I tend to use them less. There's a couple of shimmery shades, and a couple matte shades, along with two brushes, but I prefer using my usual, longer brushes. I would definitely buy a few different palettes as they are very affordable at $6.99 and this palette fared quite well with all-day wear.

Price: $6.99 Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤/5


Verdict: The July box by My Treat was full of quantity and quality with over ten full-sized products to glam and pamper yourself with! This month's box had a bit of a makeup theme going with five of the products being cosmetics related which I absolutely love and hope to see more of. There were a couple products that I wouldn't use but that's fine though as you can always gift them to a loved one. It was also super to see sustainable women's hygiene products such as the menstrual cup and reusable pad. You can get your My Treat Box at www.mytreat.co.nz


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