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My Treat Sample Box

Before I get into reviewing beauty boxes, I thought it would be a good idea to try one-offs and sample boxes first. Lucky for me, a New Zealand based subscription box company, My Treat, offer exclusive sample boxes every so often! This sample box cost me $35 NZD along with a shipping cost of $2.70 NZD (all prices throughout are in NZD). The great thing about My Treat, is that they offer three different subscriptions. The first, and the cheapest is the 'Underwear Box' at $19.99, which gets you two pairs of underwear each month. The second, is the 'Body Box' at $34.95, which offers a selection of eight hand-picked products. The third, which I immediately subscribed to after receiving my sample box, is the 'Body + Underwear Box' at $44.95, which gets you two pairs of underwear and eight or more hand-picked products. I do think the sample box is a tad pricey, but what I did receive convinced me to subscribe as I just want more! A sample box from My Treat includes one pair of underwear, three full-sized treats, and two samples.

Below are the six treats I received in the My Treat sample box.

1. Freeman Polishing Charcoal + Black Sugar Gel Mask + Scrub (sample size)

The only charcoal product I have used on my face is a LUSH cleanser called 'Dark Angels', which does wonders for oily skin so I was enthusiastic about trying this mask and scrub combo. The main ingredient, charcoal, is well-known for absorbing oil and the black sugar is the scrubby ingredient that helps in exfoliating your skin. First, I removed my makeup made sure that my face was damp to apply the mask, as per instructions. The sample sachet contained enough of the mask to give me full coverage but it was quite a strange face mask to apply compared to others I have used. Black sugar is definitely the main ingredient in this mask as it looked and felt like there was a lot more sugar than charcoal. I was surprised when applying this as for a mask that is supposed to absorb oils, it felt quite oily on my skin and even though it is a moist mask, it didn't stick to my face all that well and was slightly patchy. Fruity ingredients such as banana extract, coconut extract, guava and papaya extract, do give this mask a delicious smell though. I left the mask on for about five to seven minutes and then used warm water and my hands to gently clean my face.

This mask was easy to clean off and didn't leave a mess of my sink which is an added bonus. The black sugar works really well in exfoliating especially if you lightly massage your face while cleaning it off. At first with the application, I was skeptical as the mask was not as thick as what I'm used to and it felt a bit oily, but afterwards my skin did feel incredibly soft and smooth, and the fruity smell lingered on. Personally if I was to use it again, I would probably only apply it to my nose and forehead (where I get really oily), as my cheeks are quite sensitive and they did feel slightly irritated after. It is quite abrasive so if you have really sensitive skin than this mask is not for you. But I do think this is actually an okay mask for the price and Freeman's have a variety of affordable masks that you can try.

Price: You're looking at around $10 for a full sized tube of this mask.

Rating: ❤/5


2. HASK Bamboo Oil Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner (sample size)

I love discovering new hair products so I was excited to try this sample of Strengthening Shampoo & Conditoner by HASK. This shampoo and conditioner contains biotin and collagen along with bamboo to really strengthen your hair. Reading more about HASK's products, I found out that their products are free of parabens, sulphates, phthalates, and gluten which is great to see as I would consider buying this product after trying this sample. Both the shampoo & conditioner smell lovely which is important to me as I want to use products that not only make my hair look and feel good, but also smell divine. The shampoo lathered well and my hair did feel much nicer after using this sample which made my realise that I've been neglecting my hair lately. Afterwards, my hair was really easy to comb and after a blow-dry, my hair felt a bit softer and very clean. Obviously, it takes long-term use of a product to have really noticeable effects, but I was happy enough with just one wash and I think I'll be buying the full-sized bottles now.

Price: $11.99

Rating: ❤❤❤/5


3. Wooden Emery Board

This handy little wooden paddle nail file is the perfect size to slip into your handbag. It's light weight and is also double-sided. There's no branding on it so there's no other info to provide.

Rating: ❤/5

4. Organic Surge Blissful Daily Moisturiser

One of the full-sized products included in my sample box was this pot of face moisturiser by Organic Surge. This product is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. I'm really loving how My Treat has made a sample box of entirely cruelty-free products and I'm hoping that this is going to be the case with their future boxes!

You're not going to notice the benefits of a moisturiser immediately as it can take a few weeks of use before you see any noticeable effects. I think though, if after a week of use, your skin feels or looks better than you're onto a good thing. This moisturiser contains several beautiful natural ingredients and essential oils such as Sweet Almond Oil which makes this moisturiser light-weight, and Grapeseed Oil. One of the main ingredients in the Blissful Daily Moisturiser is Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice which soothes and heals your skin.

This moisturiser smells sweet and fruity and personally I don't find it too heavy which is great as I have quite oily skin. To really benefit from your moisturiser you need to massage it into your face. I've used this twice now and my skin has not reacted badly to it due to the natural ingredients used in this product. This one of the most affordable natural moisturisers I've come across so this might just become a staple in my skincare routine.

Price: $14.00

Rating: ❤❤❤/5

🐇 (Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Also ECOCERT certified)

5. NV Cheeky Stick

I've been in dire need of new blush and it had completely slipped my mind to buy some, so this little Cheeky Stick was a welcome makeup necessity. I've only ever used powder blush so using this blush in a stick was interesting. The colour of this Cheeky Stick by NV Colours is 'Chilli Chops'. It does look quite bright and I found it a bit daunting when I first swiped this onto my cheek but it blends into is a subtle pink. As it's so tiny, it won't take up much room in your bag so it's perfect to take on the go. I did find it a little annoying to blend in as it ended up taking my mineral powder off so I think I'll be sticking to my powdered blush.

Price: $7.00

Rating: ❤/5


6. Skin to Skin Underwear

Yay, my favourite item in the My Treat Sample Box is this pair of lacey black underwear by Skin to Skin. I'm absolutely delighted that I got some high quality and pretty underwear! With my subscription I'll be getting two gorgeous pairs a month, so I'll no longer need to hit the mall to get them. When subscribing, there's a box that you can tick if you don't want to receive g-strings which I ticked as I find normal underwear more comfortable. I can't wait to see the different styles and colours I'll be getting each month!

Price: $29.95

Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤/5

Verdict: I think a sample box is a great way of giving people a little taste of what to expect, before they decide to commit to a subscription. I do think that $35 including shipping was a little on the expensive side but it still convinced me to subscribe to the full Body + Underwear Box each month as I know that I'm guaranteed two pairs of underwear and several full-sized items. My Treat's boxes are perfect if you want a variety of items as you'll get to try different hair, face, and makeup products each month. The highlights of this sample box were the Skin to Skin lacy black underwear and the Organic Surge Daily Moisturiser. You can get your My Treat Box at: www.mytreat.co.nz


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