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Doki Doki Crate for June, 2017

The theme for Doki Doki Crate's May theme is 'Everyday Essentials' and this is my second-to-last box as I have recently cancelled my subscription. 'Everyday Essentials' is all about practical items that you can use on a daily basis. A monthly box from Doki Doki Crate will cost you around $42 NZD per month, and shipping is free worldwide. I have to say that the June box is definitely a step up from last month's box. Below are the seven items I received in the 'Everyday Essentials' box.

1. Mocchi-Zuu Big Size Face Bag

This month's largest item is this soft plush bag! Out of the five different designs I could have received, I got this pastel pink bunny. I'm a bit disappointed though as I would've much preferred a cat bag. Unfortunately with subscription boxes, you don't get to choose what you get. It is cute though and is one of the most kawaii accessories I've got from a box, but I don't think I'll be using this personally. My only fault with this bag is the strap as it's made from a red cord-like material which makes it look cheap, and my most despised colour combination is red and pink. It is super soft, so I think I might just remove the strap and display it as a cushion.

The inner of the bag is lined with a polka-dot pink fabric and is large enough to hold the essentials.

2. Gudetama Latte Art Sheets

Gudetama items are frequently included in different kawaii subscription boxes and this here, is a set of Gudetama decorative latte sheets. I didn't bother demoing them as I previously got some Summiko Gurashi deco latte sheets in my June Yume Twins box. Using these sheets is easy, you literally just place them on top of your hot beverage. This packet contains 10 different designs and are custard pudding scented. Will I be using them? Probably not, as my mornings consist of me being half-asleep and quickly downing two instant coffees before I head to work.

3. Sakuranbo Hoppe-Chan

This pink Hoppe-Chan is here to celebrate the cherry season. 'Sakuranbo' translates to cherries and this little cherry adorned charm is a welcome addition to my Hoppe-Chan collection. I will miss my surprise monthly Hoppe-Chan's!

4. Hello Kitty Stamp Case

Any and all Hello Kitty items are a delightful addition to kawaii boxes and I do love this pretty case but I'm not too sure how a stamp case is an 'Everyday Essential'. It does look cute on my display shelf though and I guess I could use it to store nose studs and other tiny trinkets.

Here's what the inside of the case looks like.

5. My Melody Bag Set

My Melody is such a sweet Sanrio character and I adore the art and the colours used on this bag, but I really dislike this item as it is a set of plastic bags. Since it can take up to a thousand years for a plastic bag to decompose, I'm strongly opposed to using them and I hope that one day New Zealand bans plastic bags. It would have been great if Doki Doki Crate had included a reusable canvas shopping bag instead.

6. My Melody Sticky Notes

The most practical item in this 'Everyday Essentials'-themed box is this pack of My Melody sticky notes. Even though this is one of the smaller items in this box, it is also my favorite and it makes up for the My Melody plastic bags.

7. Mystery Bonus Candy Snack

This item is really just a filler in this month's box. It's a candy ring which does take me back to my childhood as I used to love these but I'm no longer a fan of sweet things.

Verdict: This month's box included quite a large item which was the plush bag but unfortunately, the six other items were quite small and weren't of much value. The best item in this month's box were the My Melody Sticky Notes and the worst were the My Melody Plastic Bags. Do the items included in this month's box stay true to the theme of 'Everyday Essentials'? Not really, I fail to see how I would use any of these items daily. This month's Doki Doki Crate does ooze kawaii though with the inclusion of characters such as Gudetama, Hello Kitty and My Melody. You can get your monthly kawaii subscription from: www.japancrate.com/dokidoki


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