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Kawaii Box for May, 2017

So this here is my final Kawaii Box review as I've recently cancelled my subscription. Kawaii Box is great in that it delivers 10+ kawaii items each month, but I'd like to save money and potentially start reviewing beauty subscription boxes instead. A monthly subscription to Kawaii Box currently costs $28.60 NZD however, shipping is free worldwide, and I will miss receiving a subscription box where shipping is free as it's quite rare for an international subscription box company to provide free shipping. The company that makes Kawaii Box is Blippo, and if I ever need a dose of kawaii I can always head over to Blippo's online store. In my final box I received 10 items and I'll list each item below and their price in NZD, as per the item list card provided by Kawaii Box.

1. Heart Gudetama Pudding DIY Kit - $3.25 NZD (for two packets)

As my interest in kawaii items has waned, I did not bother to create this pudding. Lazy I know, but I'm sure I can give this kit to someone who likes making things and will appreciate it. With this kit, you can create a Gudetama shaped pudding, with the egg yolk being custard flavoured, and the egg white being condensed milk flavoured. DIY candy kits are fun to make but I find that they taste too artificial and barely edible.

2. Gudetama Socks - $3.06 NZD

The second Gudetama item in this month's box is a pair of socks with Gudetama dressed as a bee. These socks may not be fluffy but I've come to really value receiving socks in a box as I barely ever go out and buy any.

3. Amuse Mameshiba Plushie - $2.98 NZD

Out of the four different Mameshiba plushies I could have received, I got Shiratama, a little white puppy. You can also use this plush as a screen cleaner.

4. Korean Deco Tape Set - $3.46 NZD

This little set contains nine different sparkly tapes and a miniature tape dispenser. The tape rolls are not high quality washi tapes but the quantity of tapes makes up for that. I love any items that I can use to decorate journals with.

Here's a close up of the nine different deco tapes!

5. Meito Puku Puku Tai Fish Shaped Wafer - $1.79 NZD

I can't tell you much about this wafer as I don't want to eat it due to it being a fish-shaped wafer with a strawberry filling. It doesn't look appealing at all so I'll be giving this one away.

6. Pastel Animal Stickers - $2.41 NZD

I would have absolutely adored these stickers if I was a young girl but now I kind of find this atrocious. I do like the artwork but all of the glitter, beads, and plastic encasing puts me off.

7. Molang Keychain - $6.19 NZD

My favourite item in my final Kawaii Box is this gorgeous little Molang keychain. If you don't know who Molang is, Molang is a chunky pig-rabbit . Out of the 12 different styles, I got this blue and white striped critter. I've already attached him to my car keys!

8. Let's Play Gel Pen - $2.02 NZD

If you're a collector of fun stationary, then Kawaii Box is one you should subscribe to as they always include a different kawaii pen each month along with sticky note sets. This month's pen includes a tiny eraser that erases the ink (which doesn't really work, but it's still a cute pen).

9. Japanese Stick Markers - $2.21 NZD

Sticky markers are a staple item in any stationary collection and I now have a bountiful collection thanks to all of the kawaii subscription boxes I've received. Out of the eight different styles representing Japanese culture, I received Japanese food.

Here's a close-up of the different food-themed sticky markers. Each marker contains 15 sheets.

10. Blippo Star Bracelet - $1.83 NZD

I did initially think this bracelet was a bit childish but I put it on and it's grown one me and it definitely represents Harajuku fashion.

Verdict: I'm going to miss Kawaii Box a bit, as it's nice to get 10 or more items in a box each month. But only really loving half and sometimes less of the items each month means I'm no longer going to continue my subscription. Kawaii Box is definitely a box I would recommend starting off with if you are wanting to build up your kawaii collection and if you want to get more than a handful of surprise goodies each month, but not all of the items are of good quality. I'm quite surprised though as the value of my final Kawaii Box is 60 cents more than the subscription price. Normally, the total of each individual price is significantly more than the subscription cost. Thanks to Kawaii Box for the consistent pens, plushies, and stickers I've received over the past eight months, it's been fun, and if I ever want more kawaii items I can always head over to www.blippo.com.

Bye Kawaii Box!! xx


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