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Doki Doki Crate for July, 2017

Doki Doki Crate's July theme is 'Kirei Kitchen' which translates to a 'clean and cute' kitchen. This is also my very last Doki Doki Crate as I have cancelled my subscription. A monthly box from Doki Doki Crate will cost you around $42 NZD per month, and shipping is free worldwide. This month's box contains a lot more practical items that I can see myself using unlike last month's 'Everyday Essentials' box. Below are the seven items I received in the 'Kirei Kitchen' box.

1. My Melody Plates

This set of lovely My Melody serving trays are a great start to a box full of kitchen accessories! My Melody always looks gorgeous on anything and even though these plastic trays look a tad tacky with the frilled edges, I still kind of like them and think they are perfect little snack bowls.

Here's a close-up of one of the plates.

2. Piyo Piyo Apron

This breakfast-themed apron is super adorable with it's chicken and egg art! It's a vibrant orange and I like how it's soft and is not a stiff apron. I don't own any other aprons so this will come in handy when cooking.

3. My Melody Microfiber Dry Cloth

This is an incredibly useful item to have and I use microfiber dry cloths daily to dry my cats bowls. It's smaller than the cloths I already have but this one is adorned with My Melody!

4. Hello Kitty Kitchen Cloth Set

This set of cleaning cloths is practical and incredibly cute and kawaii but I just can't bring myself to use them as they'll just get dirty and will have to be thrown away!

5. Panda Onigiri Mold Kit

A panda rice ball kit is one of the most kawaii kitchen items I've received in a subscription box and this kit is the best item in this month's box. It's perfect for making rice balls that will fit perfectly into a bento box.

Here are the contents out of the packaging. On the left is the rice mold and on the right is the puncher you can use to cut out the panda face details out of seaweed.

I haven't tried this yet but I will do with my next batch of rice.

6. Dokodemo Calimero

This blind box figurine of the retro anime character Calimero is my least liked item in this month's box. Apparently these figurines can hang onto cups with their curled arms, but this little guy nearly ended up falling into my beer.

7. Tanabata Angel Hoppe-Chan

The second best item in the July box is this tiny angel Hoppe-Chan. This sparkly blob is here to celebrate Tanabata (the Star Festival)!

Verdict: Doki Doki Crate has been a mixed bag for me over the past few months. There have been several really unique items in some of the boxes, and the regular Hoppe-Chans have been lovely but Doki Doki Crate tended to miss the mark more often than not. I do think that the boxes are starting to improve but I couldn't justify continuing on my subscription. Thanks Doki Doki Crate for the Hoppe-Chans and the monthly dose of kawaii. You can get your monthly kawaii subscription from: www.japancrate.com/dokidoki


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