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Kawaii Box for March, 2017

March's Kawaii Box celebrates Easter with several Easter-themed items! A monthly subscription to Kawaii Box currently costs $28.60 NZD and shipping is free worldwide. This month I received 11 items and I'll list each item below and their price in NZD, as per the item list card provided by Kawaii Box. Below are the 11 items I received.

1. Sanrio Bunny Purse - $8.00 NZD This Pompompurin Bunny Purse is super sweet with it's pastel Easter egg design! It's also very soft and has a ball chain so you can attach it to your bag. This is my favourite Easter-themed item in this month's box. ​

2. Easter Carrot Erasers - $2.94 NZD Continuing on with more Easter items are this trio of carrot erasers. This is probably my least liked item in this box, as it's just three identical carrots. That are erasers. Enough said.

3. Kawaii Bunny Puffy Stickers - $1.93 NZD Kawaii Box never do wrong with the sticker sheets they send out each month! I'm building up quite a large sticker collection for next year's planner. I just need to find the perfect kawaii planner for all of my stickers and washi tape!

4. Harajuku Temporary Tattoos - $0.91 NZD This is the first time I've received temporary tattoos in a box and they are very cute! There's a couple that I'd like to try, like the planets, ice-block and the rain cloud. I'd really love to get a couple of permanent kawaii tattoos done in the near future.

5. Kawaii Mouth Sticky Notes - $1.93 NZD My sticky note collection is insane and mostly consists of cat sticky notes so I'm delighted to get this cute piglet!

6. Marinaga Disney Chocolate & Strawberry Biscuits - $2.82 NZD (for four packets) Disney-themed items seem to be popular in most kawaii subscription boxes lately. These bite-size strawberry pieces aren't bad but it is yet another item in this box that doesn't have much value. Especially since four packets cost only $2.82 NZD and I received only one packet.

7. Pastel Macaron Travel Bag Tag - $4.66 NZD I'm loving this travel bag tag and how it's my first macaron item that isn't a case! I'll definitely be using this in my future travels.

8. Neko Magnetic Bookmarks - $3.24 NZD If I didn't already own the exact same Neko bookmarks, I would have been very excited. I really wish I had received a different design as I already own these bookmarks and actually have them on my fridge, though I do like that KawaiiBox have included a cat related item in the March Box.

9. Harajuku Acrylic Pins - $3.86 NZD These two pins here are my favourite item in this month's Kawaii Box. Even though they are small items, there are two of them and I've started adorning my backpack with badges. I'm hoping that Kawaii Box continue to put in a badge or two in each month's box. ​

10. Candy Gel Pen - $2.24 NZD This one of the cutest pens I've received in a box as I love pastel purple and the pearl and diamante ball charm is superpretty.

11. Kracie Popin' Cookin' Neri Candy Land DIY Kit - $8.02 NZD I've yet to make this candy kit but it does contain edible play dough in five different colours and some multi-coloured sprinkles. It also comes a mould set so that you can make different items and animals. ​

Verdict: The total value of the March Kawaii Box comes to around $38.40 NZD. The highlights in this month's box for me were the harajuku pins, the puffy bunny stickers and the Sanrio bunny purse. You can get your Kawaii Box at: www.kawaiibox.com


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