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Yume Twins Box for January, 2017

I'm very excited to review the first, revamped Yume Twins Box for 2017! Yume Twins have made a great start to the new year with their newly designed boxes and higher quality content. I really enjoyed this box, and there is a massive difference between this box and previous boxes as Yume Twins have really listened to their customers and are providing larger, and much more authentic Kawaii items. The Yume Twins box costs around $42.00 NZD per month, and the shipping is free worldwide. Below is a photo of the five items I received in the January Yume Twins Box and I will list each item below as they are listed in the Yume Twins magazine.

Before I review the items I have to talk about the newly designed box and also the magazine which I failed to mention last time. Below is a photo of the new Yume Twins box.

The new box is sturdy, large, and has both a gorgeous colour scheme and art.

Above is a photo of the front cover of the magazine. A lot of detail goes into this magazine and it's quite informative, providing thorough info on each item within the box along with competitions.

1. Tsum Tsum Cosmetic Pouch Tsum Tsum is incredibly popular at the moment so it makes sense that this item is included in the box. It is cute, but it's probably my least favourite item in the box as I'm personally not that into Tsum Tsum. It is a Japan licensed item though which is great, but I can't really see myself carrying makeup around in this. Out of the 12 different designs, I received this one! ​

2. Sanrio Cozy Socks These sweet, fluffy socks were a nice addition to the box and my sock collection is starting to grow as I've received three pairs of socks since I started subscribing to different kawaii boxes. Out of the six Sanrio designs, I received this pair which will be perfect during the Winter nights in my PJ's.

Here is a close-up of the socks.

3. Sailor Moon Plushie The Sailor Moon Plushie is my favourite item in January's box! I adored Sailor Moon as a young girl and continue to love Sailor Moon merch, so this plushie makes me feel over the moon. I feel like I now need to try and get the plushies for Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Chibi to feel complete though. The quality is great, and this item makes me even more excited for what Yume Twins has in store for their future boxes.

Above is a close-up of this perfect plushie. I love how Yume Twins have listened to their subscribers and have included an item that every kawaii lover wants.

4. Rilakkuma New Year Mochi How cool is this New Years item? This gorgeous altar filled with edibles is one of the most unique items I've received in a box and really celebrates a Japanese New Year tradition. A bit more info, this tradition involves placing a mochi on an altar and than eaten during the second weekend of January. Underneath and inside this altar contains the mochi's for you to eat. You do have to cook them first until they have puffed up and are slightly golden brown. I haven't eaten them as I really don't want to touch the packaging at all just yet. Mochi's are made of rice and are apparently quite chewy so you could really add any sauce you like to them.

Above is a close-up of the ornate details on this mochi altar. ​

5. Rilakkuma Shampoo Bottle The shampoo bottle is the largest item in the box and I was pleasantly surprised at how big this bottle is. It's very sturdy and will look very cute in the bathroom as a soap dispenser for everyone to admire! I received one of the two different designs that were available.

Verdict: I think that Yume Twins have taken their subscribers feedback and have created a box that all subscribers will enjoy. Yume Twins new and improved boxes will now differ from the rest as they are really putting an emphasis on delivering larger, and more exclusive items. I don't mind that the quantity of items has been cut in half as the items in the box are bigger and better compared to last month's box. I can say that if you are looking at kawaii boxes to subscribe to, then Yume Twins is a must-have. You can get yours at www.yumetwins.com


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