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Love Meow 'Kawaii Mystery Luxury Box' for December, 2016

The Kawaii Mystery Luxury Box is my third box I have bought from Love Meow. This box will set you back $34.58 NZD, along with a shipping cost of $14.31 NZD. This was a one-off purchase and I received a total of 10 different items. For this review I won't be listing any prices as I was unable to find the price of several of the items.

1. Love Meow Postcards Just like in the Cat Lover's Box, I've received more cat postcards made by Love Meow. I adore these pink cats and will add them to my framed cat art collection. ​

2. M & G Animal Pencil Sharpener Another cute pencil sharpener that's the same as the sharpener's I received in the standard Kawaii Box. I'm glad I received a different colour. ​

3. Polka Dot Panda Socks These panda socks did not come with a label so I'm unsure of the brand, but they are beyond adorable! I love the black, white, and grey combo, and there's nothing better than receiving a wearable in your kawaii box!

Above is a close-up of the socks! They are of good quality and are officially my favorite pair of socks. ​

4. Woodland Creatures Planner for 2017 This is such a great and gorgeous item to receive in a box and is a useful item for the new year. This planner is pocket-sized, so it will easily fit in your bag. I'm loving the colours, patterns, and animals that adorn this planner! ​

5. San-X Animal Sticker Sheet Stickers can be a bit of a hit-or-miss, and there are some pretty terrible stickers out there, but this sheet of bears, cats, and other little creatures is a hit for me. I can't wait to use these in my Frankie Diary! The Frankie Diary is absolutely beautiful by the way, and is a must-have!

Here is a close-up of the amusing San-X critters! ​

6. Adventure Time Scribble Set I'm not into Adventure Time and have never watched it, but this is a nice item to receive in my box as it has a colourful pad, pencil and eraser. ​

7. Moomin Greeting Card Another Moomin Greeting Card! I really love this delightful card, and this will look gorgeous up on the wall in a white frame.

8. Kitty House-it Sticky Markers This little DIY pack of sticky markers is fun and unique, and makes for a great kawaii decoration! Any item that is cat-related is a winner for me! It was easy enough to make, though you will need a piece of tape to hold the bottom of the box.

Here is the finished result and as you can see, this kitty sticky marker set is super adorable! ​

9. Raspberry & Mr Pickle Star Hair clip This hair clip is so sparkly and puffy and amazing. It's super glittery and fun, and I can't wait to wear it! I don't think any other box could include a hair accessory that can match this starry delight! ​

10. Sanrio Hello Kitty Mood Light I've saved the best for last and this Hello Kitty mood light is one of the best items I've received in any box! I squealed with absolute delight when I opened my box and saw this treasure! I'm no expert but I don't think this is a counterfeit as the stamp on the back of the light leads me to believe that this is an official licensed Sanrio product.

Here is a photo of the Hello Kitty light standing upright and I cannot fault this item!

And above is a photo of the light on. What makes this light even more amazing is that it gives off six different colours! It's mesmerizing watching the light change between white, yellow, red, pink, purple, blue, and green.

Verdict: The Love Meow Kawaii Luxury Box had a really great variety of different items with several of them being larger than items you would normally receive in any box, however, the box is a bit more pricier at $34.58 NZD, than other boxes out there. The Hello Kitty Mood Light was definitely the premium item in the box and if there are one or two premium items in each month's box, than I would buy again. I have to say that I can't really fault any of the items in this box! You can get your Kawaii Luxury Box at www.lovemeow.co.uk


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