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Love Meow 'Kawaii Mystery Box' for November, 2016

My second box from Love Meow is the Kawaii Mystery Box. This box is the same price as the Cat Lover Box and will cost you around $26.85 NZD along with the shipping cost of $14.31. There is also a Luxury Kawaii Mystery Box that I will be reviewing soon, however this review is on just the standard Kawaii Mystery Box. Again, this was a one-off purchase. In total, I received 8 items in this box and I'll list the price of each item that I could find the price for in NZD.

1. Totoro Memo Pad - $7.14 NZD This odd memo pad is badass! Totoro is a forest spirit from the 1988 fantasy film, 'My Neighbour Totoro'. I was pleased to finally get a Totoro item from one of my boxes.

As you can see above, the pad opens up like a fan.​

2. Yellow Chick Plush Keychain - $1.52 NZD This little chick is a copy of Kiiroitori who is a character from the brand Rilakkuma. It's not a licensed plush as it does not have a tag and is not of high quality (the keychain came off), but it's still cute and it's always awesome to receive atleast one plush in a box.

3. Sticky Molang Sticky Note - $1.45 NZD This dear little bunny pad of sticky notes is very cute and comes with about 30 sheets. Another sticky note pad to add to my collection!

Even the design on the back of the packaging is gorgeous! I absolutely adore how much love and detail goes into the packaging of many kawaii items.

4. Molang Nice To Meet You Pencil Case This appears to be another Molang product as it has the same artwork as the sticky notes. This little bunny is looking a bit sad but very sweet. This Kawaii Mystery Box seems to have a stationary theme going on.

5. Miss Zuing Salmon Coloured Alpaca Socks - $10.71 NZD Yay, I finally own a pair of character socks!! These alpaca socks are of good quality and the alpaca's themselves are super fluffy and soft. These socks are my favourite item in the Kawaii Mystery Box. I've also noticed that alpacas are very popular in Japan and there's a bit of an alpaca craze at the moment. We don't have alpaca items in New Zealand, but we do have plenty of real alpacas!

Here is a close-up shot of the fluffy white alpacas adorning these socks!

6. M & G Animal Pencil Sharpeners - $7.21 NZD You can expect a pencil sharpener in most kawaii subscription boxes. They are made more for display then actual use. I love the colours and their little faces and it's great that they put two of them in the box!​

7. Moomin Sticker Sheet - $7.15 The characters on this sticker sheet are from a Swedish book and comic series. It's always nice to add to my sticker collection but personally, I'm not a massive fan of the Moomin artwork. If I had to choose, I'd say that this is my least favourite item in the box.​​

Here is a close-up shot of the Moomin stickers!

8. Kawaii Bear Pencil Case - $8.93 NZD This pencil tin is my second favourite item in the box. It's a nice, slim case that's a gorgeous pastel pink. And another fab quote is on this case: 'When I am in the sun, natural like plants, like animals. Would you like the real me'. Amazing. I love these quotes that make me chuckle!​

Verdict: The standard Kawaii Mystery Box by Love Meow was nice and for the most part, had some great items, but I much preferred the Cat Lover Box. I would still recommend this box, especially for the Kawaii starter, as it gives you a few great pieces to start off your collection with, especially if you are a lover of stationary! You can get your Kawaii Mystery Box at: www.lovemeow.co.uk


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