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Yume Twins Box for June, 2017

This month's Yume Twins box celebrates Yume Twins first birthday! To say thank you to their subscribers, Yume Twins have included a very large Shinada plush. A monthly Yume Twins box will cost about $42 NZD, however shipping is free worldwide. Below are the five items I received in the June box.

1. Shinada Baby Nature Large Plush Out of the 14 different animal plushies, I got a baby monkey though I would have loved to have got the baby owl instead. These plushies are made by Shinada, a big name company in Japan who create high quality plushies.

This little monkey is incredibly soft and squishy but this plush is a bit too childish for me but he's perfect to gift to a baby or toddler! ​

2. Kawaii Character Mini-Bowl Out of the 8 cute soup bowl designs I got this grumpy bear bowl! It's a great size, and is made with a durable melamine material to ensure that they can't break. Only downside to getting this bowl was that there was quite a large sticker on the side that took a while to get off and it still left some sticky residue.

Here's a close-up of my grumpy bear from The Bear's School, created by Bandai. ​

3. Bananyan Mini-Mascot This bean filled half cat, half banana mini-mascot is soft and makes for a cute addition to my collection. They also have weights in them so that they can stand upright. ​

4. Sumikko Gurashi Large Rubber Clip Out of the four different designed paper clips I could have received, I got Tonkatsu from the Sumikko Gurashi family. Tonkatsu translates to 'pork cutlet'! On the back of the packaging there is also a San-X licensed sticker which I love to see on any subscription box item.

5. Sumikko Gurashi Deco Latte Sheets The second Sumikko Gurashi item in this month's box is a pack of latte deco sheets which I haven't seen before so it's a really cool item to get in a box and each packet includes ten different sheets of deco art!

These latte sheets are made from edible soluble gelatin and I had mine with a cup of green tea latte.

Verdict: Yume Twins have delivered a birthday box with a handful of high quality items! There was no particular item that was a major highlight and my only criticism for this month's box would be the Shinada plush and it was a bit too childish for my liking. You can subscribe to Yume Twins at: www.yumetwins.com


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