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Yume Twins Box for May, 2017

The theme for Yume Twins May box is Neko Purrfect and a cat themed box to me, is always one of the greatest themes, if not the best! Japan has quite a fondness for cats with many cat characters originating from Japan's pop culture, such as Hello Kitty, Neko Atsume, and Bananyan. I'm sure this month's box will be adored by most subscribers. Even though I love cat items, this box still misses the mark for me as only three of the five items really have that wow factor. A monthly Yume Twins box will cost about $42 NZD, however shipping is free worldwide. Below are the five items I received in this cat themed box.

1. Amuse Tsuchineko Plush Pouch These soft plush pouches are inspired by the the snake-like cryptid Tsuchinoko from Japanese folk-lore. Out of the 15 different different designs I could have received, I got this lovely gray, striped kitty.

Here is the pouch unzipped. It's lined with gorgeous polka-dot turquoise fabric.

2. Animal Style Tumbler This amazing cat themed water bottle is definitely my most-loved item from any Yume Twins box I've received so far! It has the sweetest cat drawings and is an item that I'll be using on the daily. I like how it's 500 ml size as it's not too big to carry around, and apparently this tumbler can withstand liquids of up to 100 degrees.

Here's a close-up of some of the cute artwork on this tumbler!

Here's what it looks like with the lid off. ​

3. Yo-kai Watch DX Explorer Komasan Plush I personally have never played Yo-kai Watch, but it is a role-playing video game series and both manga adaptations and an anime series were created based on the original game. This explorer plush was created by the well-known toy maker, Bandai and this character from Yo-kai Watch is named Komasan. Komasan is a cat spirit that assists the main characters by making friends with other spirits to resolve conflict. ​

4. Silvia & Silvester Mascot Keychain This sleepy black kitty was designed by Japan Artist Society and is a licensed product of popular plush maker, Shinada. Out of the six possible mascots I could have received, I got a black mascot which I love. He also has a ball chain so you can attach him to your bag or keys.

5. Tsum Tsum Coin Purse I kind of wish all subscription boxes would just give it up with the Tsum Tsum merch. I love Disney characters but I just really despise Tsum Tsum, so this would be my least liked item in this month's box. I do like that they included a coin purse with a ball chain but I think they should have continued with the Neko Purrfect theme and sourced cat purses. ​

Verdict: I'm pretty rapped over Yume Twins May box as it was cat themed and because of the cat water bottle. I'm still waiting for a box where all five items wow my socks and hopefully that happens soon. I'll continue to subscribe and you can get your own box at: www.yumetwins.com


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