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Kawaii Box for April, 2017

April's Kawaii Box delivers a bunch of cute items to welcome in Spring. A monthly subscription to Kawaii Box currently costs $28.60 NZD and shipping is free worldwide. This month I received 10 items and I'll list each item below and their price in NZD, as per the item list card provided by Kawaii Box. Out of the 10 items in the April box, I only really love half of the items. All of the items in each Kawaii Box can be purchased from their online store at: www.blippo.com. I'm hoping that in the near future, Kawaii Box revamps their boxes and make them sturdier for long journeys. Below is what my box looked like when it showed up, and it's lucky none of the items were damaged!

Below are the 10 items I received for April.

1. Kabaya Shaka Shaka Gummy Candies - $4.09 NZD We start off with the first of the two edibles in this month's box. More than one sweet item takes some major points off a subscription box for me. If I wanted more than one item of food then I would subscribe to an Asian food box. Anyways, there are three different flavours in this packet: strawberry, pineapple, and orange, and a sachet of yoghurt powder that turns these soft gummies into hard candies.

2. Rainbow Alpacasso Purse - $15.35 NZD The best item in this month's box is this gorgeous, pastel rainbow plushie made by the brand Amuse. I wouldn't agree that it is worth $15.35 NZD though.

This alpaca plush has a pouch and a clear card holder. It also has a metal clip but I think I might change the clip to a ball chain. One cool feature of this plush is that the clip is attached to a reel system so you can can grab the purse while leaving it clipped to your bag. ​

3. Happy Bear Bread Mould - $4.08 NZD This is a pretty cute item but I doubt I'll be making bear-shaped sandwiches any time soon. It is kind of childish, but you could make some mould some bear-shaped rice to kawaii up your bento box.

4. Blippo Sweet Pocket Mirror - $4.08 NZD This is one of Blippo's signature items, a pastel ombre pocket mirror.​ I initially thought this was a badge at first, kind of sad it isn't as Kawaii Box were previously including badges in their boxes. It's still a handy item to carry around though! ​

5. BK Glow-in-the-dark Nail Polish - $6.48 NZD I don't really wear nail polish and as I wasn't able to find out whether this is a cruelty-free beauty product, I definitely won't be using it.

6. Blippo Pastel Heart Hair Ties - $2.11 NZD I love these pastel hair ties with the cute hearts filled with sprinkles! ​

7. Cute Drinks Cart Puffy Stickers - $2.96 I'm holding out for 2018 to come around for a new planner, so I can use all of these gorgeous kawaii stickers that I've been hoarding!

Here's a close-up of some of the sweet treats and cute critters on this sheet. ​

8. Breakfast Sticky Notes - $2.68 NZD My second fave item in the April box is this pad of fried eggs sticky notes and you get 30 notes in each packet. Other breakfast designs that you can get on the Blippo store are: Japanese rice ball onigiri, donuts and toast.

9. Pastel Rainbow Ink Pen - $2.96 NZD It seems that the theme for April's Kawaii Box is all things pastel! I remember having one of these pens as a kid so it's a nostalgic item, but compared to previous included pens, it's a bit of a disappointment. ​

10. Pine Sanrio Lollipop - $1.00 NZD ​The second candy item is this lollipop which this box could have done without. Considering this box has one less item than per usual, including two sweet items, with one being just a plain lollipop, made me slightly question my subscription. ​

Verdict: The total value of the April Kawaii Box adds up to around $45.79 NZD. The highlights for this month's box were the Rainbow Alpacasso Plush Purse and the Breakfast Sticky Notes! This box had a couple of great items but would have been so much better without the candy and nail polish. You can get your Kawaii Box at: www.kawaiibox.com


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