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Yume Twins Box for April, 2017

The theme for the April Yume Twins Box is... Gudetama Easter! Gudetama is Sanrio's mascot egg character and this month's box delivered items that made my Easter very kawaii. Gudetama is a relatively new character that was introduced into the world of Sanrio in 2013. One of the items in this month's box is super practical, and one of the best items I've received in a kawaii subscription box. A monthly Yume Twins box will cost about $42 NZD, however shipping is free worldwide. Below are the five items I received in this Easter themed box.

Here is the gorgeous Gudetama Easter April magazine cover. ​

1. Shinada Easter Baby Nature ​This month's plush starts the Easter theme off perfectly with a fluffy, pastel pink poodle wearing bunny ear headbands. I would have preferred to get the porcupine plush and it's not my favourite but it is one of the larger plushies I've received and is very soft!

2. Gudetama Cup Out of the five different designs I could have received, I got Gudetama sprawled out on a slice of toast. This is a perfect breakfast cup and I'll be using this for my morning coffee! It's good to see on the base of the cup that this is an official licensed Sanrio product. Yume Twins are definitely giving their subscribers higher quality, licensed items. ​

3. Character Bento Set I can't describe how I excited I was to see this amazing Bento Box and I have to say that so far, out of all my subscription boxes, this is the best item I've received. The character designed Bento Boxes included in this month's Yume Twins Box were: My Melody, Alice in Wonderland, and Gudetama, and I'm so happy that I got the Gudetama Bento Box as it keeps to the theme throughout the box.

This gorgeous lunch box includes two separate compartments, with one divided, and also includes chopsticks and a strap to hold all of it together! This is another Sanrio licensed item.

4. Gudetama Ball Pen I also got a cute egg pen in baby blue with a gripper for comfort. ​

5. Gudetama Rubber Magnet I'm loving this magnet as it is really adorable but with only five items in each month's box, I think that either this magnet or the pen should have been replaced with another larger item. ​

Verdict: With last month's Totoro theme and with this month's Gudetama theme, I can see that Yume Twins are putting a lot of thought into their boxes. My only qualm with the April box is that two out of the five items in the box were quite small items. Hopefully May's box has only one smallish item. My fave item is definitely the Character Bento Box, and I'll keep subscribing to receive more unique items like this! You can get your Yume Twins Box at: www.yumetwins.com


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