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Yume Twins Box for March, 2017

The theme for the March box by Yume Twins is... Totoro! Yume Twins make a point in their monthly magazine that Totoro is a highly requested by their subscribers so they listened and have provided a box full of Totoro goodies that are fully licensed and of high quality. Totoro is the main character from the movie My Neighbor Totoro, by Studio Ghibi. A Yume Twins box will cost you around $42 NZD per month, however shipping is free worldwide. Below are the five items I received.

Above is this month's Totoro themed magazine! ​

1. My Neighbor Totoro Origami Kit What an amazing Totoro item to receive! This awesome kit comes with a range of characters for you to make. It includes paper and instructions to make three different sized Totoro, Catbus, and the Kusakabe house. I've yet to make anything yet as lately I just don't have the time, but I'm looking forward to sitting down one day and having a good go at making a gorgeous Totoro origami scene!

2. Totoro Hand Towel This licensed hand towel is gorgeous and I'm loving the design I received! It's thick but soft, is also quite large, and can easily be rolled up to fit in your toiletry bag.

Above is a close-up of the super sweet design, and the stitch-work is impeccable! ​

3. Shinada Fukurairai Plush Out of the six cute animals I could have received, I got a little chicken. I would have loved to have received the owl, but it's still a really cute and ridiculously soft plush! These plush animals are from the Fukurairai series, made by the popular plush maker Shinada, and apparently they are meant to bring you good luck. ​

4. Totoro 3D Jigsaw Puzzle This 3D puzzle is quite a cool item to receive, and the nine pieces you get in the box can create three individual mini Totoros, or you can stack them all together.

Here's a shot of all three Totoro's stacked together. ​

5. Totoro Washi Origami Paper Loving the stunning prints on these sheets of origanmi paper made from washi paper. Washi paper has a stronger and different texture to regular paper and this floral set includes five different prints.

Above are the five different designs in the pack. Totoro overload! ​

Verdict: You can't fault a Totoro themed box, and I'm sure that most subscribers and lovers all of things kawaii will adore this box of high quality, Totoro items. Sometimes, I think it would be nice to have a few more items, but the sheer size of the items in the new Yume Twins boxes does make up for the quantity. You can get your box at: www.yumetwins.com


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