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Kawaii Box for February, 2017

February's Kawaii Box is gorgeous and appears to have a theme of pastel pink and blue. A monthly subscription to Kawaii Box currently costs $28.60 NZD and shipping is free worldwide. This month I received 11 items and I'll list each item below and their price in NZD, as per the item list card provided by Kawaii Box. Below are the 11 items I received.

1. Sanrio Character Socks - $6.56 NZD The character on the socks I received is Lala from Little Twins Stars. These socks are very soft and fluffy and are one of my fave pairs that I've received in a subscription box. ​

2. Heart Donut Key Chain - $3.57 NZD This heart-shaped donut is one of the best key chains I've received and along with it being super squishy, looks totally edible! I won't be adding it to my keys or bag though, as it looks and feels like it would easily break. ​

3. San-X Jinbei-San Whale Plush - $5.42 NZD Jinbei-San is one of San-X's newest characters, and this cheeky whale is cute and quirky with all the little details on him, including a pink stingray and a little octopus on the ball chain. The Jinbei-San Plush Charm is my favourite item in this month's box.

4. Sweet Sweet Nail Stickers - $2.28 NZD I don't really paint or do anything with my nails, but I will try them out as these stickers have quite cute designs. It's great that they also included two packs, as I know I'll probably end up messing it up a few times.

5. Peko X Sanrio Characters Chocolates - $4.28 NZD These chocolates look super cute and I love Sanrio but, I did not love these chocolates at all. They are great to look at however, they just aren't that great to eat. If I had to choose, this would be my least favourite item in this month's box.

Here is a photo of the chocolates out of the packet. ​

6. Neko Paw Sticky Bookmarks - $3.28 NZD More cat items! Love, love, love these sticky notes! I'm really liking the colour scheme and the design of the packaging also.

7. Harajuku Kawaii Pin - $2.28 NZD This pin trumps last month's pin and I bought a backpack to adorn with badges, so I'm super excited to decorate it! ​

8. Lazy Polar Bear Pen - $3.00 NZD Just another awesome pen that makes me smile!

Here is a close-up of the pen! I also really appreciate how each pen has nice, thick black ink.

9. Tohato Caramel Corn - $1.00 NZD Yum! These caramel corn bites taste like caramel popcorn and I could seriously eat ten more bags as they're so addictive!

10. Kawaii Smiles Sticker Sheet - $2.57 NZD The best sheet of stickers I've received yet! Puffy food items with adorable facials, amazing!

Here's a close-up of the most amazing stickers ever!! ​

11. Secret of Princess DIY Korean Jewelry Set - $4.56 NZD I kind of found this to be a bit of a childish item and I'm not liking all of the colours, but I think I'll be able to wrangle up a bracelet on a day where I'm bored. ​

Verdict: In total, the value of this month's box came to $38.80 NZD. I really like the majority of the items in the February box and the pastel colours theme is gorgeous! If I had to pick my favourite item, it would be the San-X Jinbei-San Whale Plush. You can get your Kawaii Box at www.kawaiibox.com


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