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Doki Doki Crate for February, 2017

This month's February Doki Doki Crate has a Valentine's theme, with seven loved-up items! Doki Doki Crate will currently cost you around $42 NZD per month, however, shipping is free! I wasn't completely sold on all of the items I received, so this isn't one of my kawaii boxes I've received but there are a couple keepers. I've seen posts of the March Doki Doki Crate which is more my style, so I'll definitely be raving about March's box when it arrives! Below is a photo of February's box.

1. Valentine's Day Hoppe-Chan Smaller than last month's Hoppe-Chan but still, an adorable blob! Hoppe-Chan can't go wrong, so knowing that I'll get one with each month's will forever be exciting. Each month, you will either receive a Hoppe-Chan phone charm or keychain.

2. Sanrio Character Fluffy and Warm Socks These Sanrio socks are so ugly, but they are forgiven as they are very soft and fluffy. These will come in handy for the cold months, but I'll only be wearing these bright orange socks in the comfort of my own home.

3. Totoro Chopsticks The characters from the classic, My Neighbour Totoro, are gorgeous, and any Totoro item is a must-have. These exquisite chopsticks are my favourite item in this box and are actually made in Japan. It's rare to receive a item in a kawaii box that is made in Japan, so I will be treasuring these.

Above is a close-up of my chopsticks. ​

4. Meltykiss: Limited Edition Intense Strawberry Boy, was I skeptical to try these, as I absolutely hate the combination of fruit with chocolate. And, I also don't really like sweet things. Imagine my surprise when I tasted a Meltykiss, and enjoyed it! This chocolate literally melts in your mouth, and the strawberry flavouring is subtle and not overpowering, so 'intense strawberry' is probably the wrong wording for this box of chocolates. I also had to physically remove the box from my boyfriend, as he ate five of them in one go.

Above is my opened box. Each chocolate is individually wrapped and the packaging is adorable!

5. Cherry Hair Clip This hair clip would look so cute clipped onto tied up hair or a bun! I'm loving the white and blue stripes​. ​

6. Chocolate Pen Another pen to add to the collection and my first food-themed pen! ​

7. Mango & Berry Plush A kawaii box isn't kawaii without it's monthly inclusion of a plush, and out of the two lovebirds Mango and Berry, I received Berry the plush. I'm relieved I got Berry as Mango is a fluoro orange and green lovebird. Berry's Japanese name is actually 'Beri', and in the Doki Doki Crate magazine they dedicate one page to describing the characters that are Mango and Berry. According to this write-up, Berry is Mango's girlfriend, tends to bicker with Mango quite a bit and their favourite hobby is trying new teas together. Berry's favourite tea is Earl Grey.

Verdict: I haven't been completely sold on all of the items in this month's and last month's Doki Doki Crate, however, I've seen posts of the Doki Doki Crate's March box, and it looks amazing, so I will continue to subscribe. All subscription boxes are a gamble, and each month's box may be either a hit, or a miss. The highlights of this box were the Totoro chopsticks and the Hoppe-Chan phone charm. You can get your Doki Doki Crate from: www.japancrate.com/dokidoki


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