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Yume Twins Box for February, 2017

This will be my third Yume Twins Box, and it appears that the boxes are getting better each month! A Yume Twins box will set you back $42 NZD per month, but with free shipping, and five unique, high quality items, it is a box I find worth subscribing to. You can expect at least one large item, and this month I also received two practical items that I can use during my day-to-day. I also find it quite refreshing that there was not a Valentines Day theme for this box. Below are the five items I received for February.

1. Bananya Mini-mascot Keychain Any subscription box that contains a cat related item automatically gains brownie points with me! This little black cat tucked into a banana is a Banyana, a character from a new anime show, based on a white cat whose home is a banana. I received one of five different keychains and they are all very cute so it's impossible to be disappointed with any of them. I really love black cats so this one is a winner. ​

2. Shinada Fumofumo-san Plush This is one of the softest and by far, the largest plushies I've received in any subscription box! Yume Twins really have lived up to their promise of providing their subscribers rare and outstanding items and this plush is one of them. Fumofumo-san was created in 2002 by Shinada, and story tells that Fumofumo-san is an unidentifiable creature who lives in the clouds! I received one of 24 different types and it was exciting seeing so many Instagram posts from other subscribers who received different plushies.

Here's a close-up of my super soft and lush green chicken!!!

3. Neko Atsume Reusable Shopping Bag Neko Atsume is an incredibly popular kawaii brand, which isn't surprising as cats are amazing. This is a practical item that I will use regularly and is a really fantastic item to include as plastic bags are terrible and I would like to see them banned. Hopefully with including this bag, subscribers will use them daily for shopping and become more aware about the devastating effects of plastic in our world. The bag comes in it's own storage pouch and is relatively large.

4. AMUSE Cat a la Mode Keychain Ahh the detail on this keychain!!! My favourite keychain I've received in any box yet! This sweet collectible is my most loved item in the February box and I received one out of ten different designs. I really hope that Yume Twins continue to include items like this one here on the regular as this here is what subscribers want to see in their boxes, items that are intricate, detailed, and super kawaii! ​

5. Sumikko Gurashi Wall Hook My final item is another practical item, a wall hook to hang my coats on! Sumikko Gurashi is a line of characters created by San-X and I received one of four different designs.

Verdict: The quantity of items is less than other subscription boxes, but the items so far, do seem to be of a higher quality so I think I will continue to subscribe and see what each month brings. There weren't any items that I disliked, so I can't fault this month's box and I don't doubt that each month, Yume Twins will provide five even more exciting and rarer items! You can get your own Yume Twins box at: www.yumetwins.com


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