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Kawaii Box for January, 2017

January's Kawaii Box has a good mix of different items, from stationary to accessories, to a DIY candy kit! Not my fave Kawaii Box but there were a couple of good items in this box. A monthly subscription to Kawaii Box currently costs $28.60 NZD and shipping is free worldwide. In this box, I was to receive 11 items however one item was missing, which was the Glico Popcan Disney Lollipop. I did contact Kawaii Box about this and quickly messaged me advising that they would send out the missing item. I ended up messaging them back saying not to worry about it as the missing item was just a lollipop, but it was great that they provide fast and excellent customer service! (Update 29/03/17: Kawaii Box did end up sending me the Glico Popcan Disney Lollipop, which I received today!) I'll list each item below and their price in NZD, as per the item list card provided by Kawaii Box. Below are the 10 items I received.

1. Nemuneko Plushie - $16.77 NZD Cat plushies are my absolute fave so getting this cute, sleepy, fluffball was the winner in this month's box for me, and it's also quite a large plushie too! ​

2. Korean Meal Eraser Set - $4.62 NZD Until I read the card stating what each item was called, I didn't realise that this here is a set of erasers! As you can see above, each eraser is quite detailed, so these Japanese food items are more for display than actual use.

Above is a close-up of the erasers out of their packet. One of the pots even has a removable lid with vegies inside! ​

3. Valentine's Plush Stickers - $2.60 NZD More stickers, I have to give it to Kawaii Box, they are consistent with providing stickers in each box. It's good to see one Valentine's theme item in the lead up to February. ​

4. Twinkle Deco Jewels - $5.48 NZD Quite a girly item, and the younger me would have loved this sheet of jewels to bedazzle my phone with, but I remember the hell of trying to remove hundreds of jewels from my laptop case, so I wouldn't adorn any of my tech with stickers ever again. I still might find use for these jewels though, but I just won't be sticking them on any electronic devices. ​

5. Kawaii Bunny Phone Ring Holder & Stand - $6.06 NZD Originally, just seeing this kickstand in it's box, didn't do much for me. But after taking it out and actually using it on my phone, I have to admit this is a kawaii and also practical item! I don't think I'll use it forever but it will come in handy as it doubles as both a ring holder and a stand, and I would recommend buying one of these if you have quite a large phone. ​

6. Cute Ribbon Hair Clip - $3.13 NZD This wee clip is super kawaii and it is a good size for my fridge but it is a bit heavy. ​

7. Ghost Pop Pocket Mirror - $4.13 NZD This decent-sized but travel-size mirror, is sweet, retro and I'll be taking it away with me when I travel. (Update: I did end up taking it away with me on a work conference and it was a major savior as my room had no mirror!)

8. Harajuku Badge - $2.28 NZD I'm thinking that badges will now be a regular occurrence in the monthly Kawaii Box, due to the craze in heavily accessorized satchels/bags, so I'll soon be investing in a canvas bag.

9. Pocky Stick Ballpoint Pen - $2.70 NZD My pen collection is starting to get a tad crazy, but I don't care, I'm loving this sweet treat pen and will continue to look forward to getting a unique pen each month.

10. Kracie Popin' Cookin' DIY Kit Colourful Ramune Land - $4.98 NZD DIY candy kits are such a delight to receive every so often. Even though I don't have a big sweet tooth, there's so much enjoyment in creating the candy. There's several different moulds in this kit including a crab, pineapple, and a bunny. I haven't found the time to make this yet so I'll post more photos of this kit later on down the track.

Verdict: In total, the value of the items within January's box came to over $50 NZD. I'm really pleased with the majority of what I received, and find that Kawaii Box are consistent when it comes to providing quite a large number of cute items. Kawaii Box continues to provide awesome staples such as plushies, stickers and stationary, while throwing a couple of unique items into the mix also. You can get your own Kawaii Box at: www.kawaiibox.com


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