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Kawaii Box for November, 2016

This review is on my second Kawaii Box for the month of November, 2016. I've noticed that Kawaii Box does things a bit differently with their boxes and dates compared to other subscription box companies as they send the previous month's box at the start of the next month. So this box for November was sent at the beginning of December, and I'm currently waiting for December's box which was sent at the beginning of this January. A bit confusing, but not an issue as the boxes are sent and received promptly. As the NZD/USD exchange rate has changed since my last Kawaii Box post, a monthly Kawaii Box will now cost about $27.99 NZD per month. But, shipping is free!!! This month's box was much more exciting then October's box as it contained not one, but two, DIY kits! Kawaii Box provides a card listing the name of each item which is great if you want to find out more information about the item, or buy the product from their online store for someone else. I will list each item below, along with the individual price of the item in NZ dollars. ​​

1. Kawaii Christmas Stickers - $2.27 NZD My sticker collection is definitely starting to build up, and it's good to see that the last Kawaii Box for 2017 (even though it's November's box), has a Christmas-themed item but I can't see myself using these 'Santa's Orchestra' stickers until next Christmas, if ever.

2. DIY Korean Cupcake Set - $6.94 NZD This was such a unique item to receive as it is not a edible kit (I tried, and you can definitely not eat the cupcakes). The cupcake mix is pre-made, so the only thing you need to do is decorate your cupcakes!

This set contains an assortment of decorations to adorn your cupcakes with. This cute set also contains wee platters for your cupcakes, take-away coffee cups, wine bottles and a mini wine glass.

As you can see above, I was pretty lazy with my cupcake decorating as I just wanted to get everything out of the box!​

3. Happy Whistle Keychain - $4.96 NZD So this would have to be my least favourite item in the box as you can pick up one of these from your local $2 shop. There are three different colours that you can receive, unfortunately I received fluoro yellow. One bonus, the whistle isn't just for decoration and actually does work.

4. Harajuku Hair Accessories - $4.11 NZD This pretty 'Harajuku' hair set contains two hairclips and two hair ties and the colours and patterns are random in each box! Unfortunately one of my hair ties was broken when I opened the box and packet. I'm not too fussed by this though, as you can expect an item to not survive the journey to your country every so often. ​

5. Cute Milk 2-Colour Pen - $3.12 NZD I just absolutely adore cows and this pen! Mind you, it has two ball-points which are both blue and not two different colours, but the ink is great and it gets a big tick as it's animal-themed and, I tend to be fussy when it comes to pens. I will definitely be using this pen and then adding it to my collection.

Here is a close-up of the cute moo-moo's astonished face!​

6. Peep Out Animal Sticky Markers - $ 3.26 NZD I received the exact same sticky markers in my Cat Lovers Box from Love Meow, but I'm happy as I now have one set that I can use and one set that I can put on display!

7. Bananya Plush Charm - $4.86 NZD Any cat-related item pulls on my heart strings, as does this banana-cat plush charm! It's quite firm, but the outer fabric is very soft! I'm soon going to have to come up with a good display unit for all of my kawaii items. If you have any creative and cute ideas, let me know!​

8. Fruit Shaped Sharpener - $2.27 NZD I now own several sharpeners, but I don't mind as they make for pretty ornaments and each one I have is quirky! ​​

9. Pastel Eraser Pen - $2.98 NZD This light blue eraser pen may be handy but is nothing spectacular.​

10. Meiji Mini Candy Box I couldn't find the price for this item, but they were delicious and they tasted like Smarties!

11. Kracie Popin' Cookin' DIY Pudding Flan Parfait Kit - $3.26 NZD This DIY sweet kit was so much fun! Even my boyfriend surprisingly enjoyed himself as I somewhat forced him to partake in this DIY activity (though, I think he was slightly curious to begin with...). If this is your first DIY candy kit like it was for myself, I would recommend looking up the instructions in English. It didn't take me long to find the instructions online.

Above is a photo of the contents of the packet and each ingredient is packaged neatly. Everything that you need other than water is provided! As per the instructions, you will need to let the pudding, custard and, jellies set but it shouldn't take you longer than 20 minutes to put together, and it is super easy to make!

Above is my completed pudding! I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical and I thought it would all fall apart, but the whole pudding held together and looked stunning! As I'm not a sweet person, I can't say that it tasted amazing but I enjoyed the process and the aesthetically pleasing result.

Verdict: I'm glad that I continued subscribing to Kawaii Box as this month's box contained more DIY kits along with some gorgeous stationary items! As with any surprise subscription box, there will be a couple of items that aren't to everyone's taste and for myself they were the Santa-themed stickers and the keychain. I love receiving ten or more surprise items each month in one box, and Kawaii Box is affordable, and provide free shipping! In total, the value of the items in my box came to $38.00 NZD. You can get your own Kawaii Box at: www.kawaiibox.com


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