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Kawaii Box for October, 2016

Kawaii Box is my first subscription box that I've been very excited to receive! Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription box full of surprise Kawaii goodies. A monthly Kawaii Box will cost you around $27.11 NZD per month, however, shipping is free worldwide. I was pleasantly surprised, as my box arrived one week after receiving an email stating that it had been dispatched. When I opened the box I was delighted with the variety of items that I received! I'll do a breakdown of each but below is a photo of every item in the October Kawaii Box. Each item was individually packaged and I also received a cute card listing what each item was. I will list each item below, along with the individual price of the item in NZ dollars. ​​

1. Disney Potepote Bean Plush - $6.85 NZD I'm in love with this incredibly soft plush and will be attaching it to my keys or purse as it has a ball chain! This plush is a winner as it's stuffed with beans opposed to wool, and beans tend to make plushies feel softer.

The bean plush is random in each box and you won't be disappointed with any of the eleven different Disney plushies, but I'm happy that I received Snow White! ​

2. Animal Spray Bottle -$4.96 NZD This is one of my favourite items in the box as it reminds me of my grumpy black and white boy, Dakota!

3. Squishy Oreo Key-chain - $2.98 NZD The chain itself was not attached as there was a gap between the chain links but it was an easy enough fix.

However, the fix was only temporary and the quality is not the greatest because soon after, the oreo came completely off the chain which was a bit disappointing.​

4. Happy Food Eraser - $1.84 NZD

This eraser is cute but it is the smallest and one of the cheaper items in this box.

5. Japanese Sakura Envelopes - $3.54 NZD I'm not sure when I will use these envelopes but they seem sturdy enough to send trinkets in, so I may just use them for little presents. The packet contains five envelopes.​

6. Food Themed Stickers - $2.55 NZD A kawaii box isn't kawaii if it doesn't contain some stickers! This is a gorgeous sheet full of puffy fast food items!

Here is a close up of the yummy fast food stickers!

7. Moomin Greeting Card - $2.55 NZD This was an odd one, but it definitely made me smile. Gift cards are quite common in most kawaii themed subscription boxes.

8. Pikachu Coin Purse - $7.37 NZD This purse is one of the best items in the box! I haven't been much of a Pokemon fan this year due to the whole 'Pokemon Go' craze, but I loved the original cartoon and I still enjoy playing Pokemon on my Nintendo DS, so this purse is a cool nostalgic keeper.

As you can see above, this purse has a cute yellow zip and ball chain and overall, the quality is excellent.

9. Cute Mechanical Pencil - $2.55 NZD Any stationary items are a bonus and this fox pencil is very cute.

10. DIY Cross Stitch Key Chain Kit - $4.54 NZD This kit would have to be the most unique item in the box. A part of the reason I was so drawn to the Kawaii Box are the DIY kits, so I was very pleased to receive this item.

Here are the contents of the kit out of the packet. Each kit includes thread, a needle, and two different key chains.

11. Karipori Candy Sticks - $3.83 NZD I'm not much of a sweet person so I wasn't too excited about these but you can expect atleast one item of candy in every box. They come in two different flavours: cola, and grape soda, and are crunchy. In the box, are six packets with two sticks in each pack.

Verdict: Overall, I'm pleased with my first subscription box. There were some great keepers and I like the majority of the items. It was nice to receive a good variety of different items. I think that $27.11 NZD per month is a reasonable price for the amount of items you receive, especially when you get a DIY kit. The total value of the items I received was around $35. You can get your Kawaii Box at: www.kawaiibox.com


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