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Love Meow 'Cat Lover Mystery Box' for November, 2016

Love Meow are a company based in the United Kingdom who create a variety of subscription boxes alongside their online store. The box that I am reviewing today is the November Cat Lover Mystery Box. This box will cost you around $26.85 NZD, along with shipping which is $14.31 NZD. I ordered a couple of different boxes as there were several options of boxes to choose from. There was a slight hiccup with the delivery but this was sorted by Love Meow's prompt and excellent customer service. I also opted for one-off boxes opposed to a subscription, which is great if you are wanting to try a box before committing to a subscription. The packaging is gorgeous with pink, sparkly, crepe paper. None of the items were damaged and I could tell that alot of love has gone into packing these boxes. All of the items are self-explanatory, but it would be nice for each box to come with a card listing the official name of each item. As these items are no longer on the Love Meow store, I had to do a bit of research and have listed an average price in NZD on some of the items, based on what I have seen of these items on other online stores. Below is a photo of the items I received in November's Cat Lover Mystery Box.

1. Love Meow Postcard This is an awesome little postcard made by Love Meow. I've framed this card and it is now sitting on my desk at work.

2. Cat Sticky Markers - $2.68 NZD I love how several of the items in the box remind me of my own cats and these sticky markers definitely do with the variety of colours they come in! Most sticky tabs that you can buy in-store are quite boring so I'm going to enjoy using these. Each pack comes with 8 x 15 sheets.

Here are what the sticky markers look like when you pull back the front flap!

3. Pink Lace Cat Ears Headband - $11.86 This headband is such a lovely kawaii addition to the Cat Lover Box. It is quite a delicate item that I feel could easily break, so I won't be wearing this item often. It is great though, to finally own a pair of cat ears that are sweet and pink. I've seen a pair of Kawaii Cat Ears on the Love Meow website that are fluffy with bells and ribbons that I really would have loved to receive as they are more in line with Japanese street fashion, but this headband is still gorgeous!​

4. Cat Paw Sticky Notes - $3.31 NZD This pack of sticky notes is beyond adorable and this pad contains around 30 sticky notes!

Cats paws are simply amazing, which you can see above as my boy Dakota models with the sticky notes.

5. Kappus Cat Soap - $7.14 NZD This curled up kitty soap made me smile with its lovely packaging and the wee ladybug sticker on the back! The bar itself has a strong, clean smell, similar to a Dove bar.

I won't be using this soap, but displaying it instead. I really like how the Cat Lover Box contained a wearable item and a bathroom product.

6. Pink Kawaii Cat Pencil Tin - $14.27 This pencil tin is large enough to fit several pens, but not so large that it will take over your bag, so I might use this tin to carry around some of my makeup. It's very kawaii, especially with the quote on the front, which says: 'The taste of happiness is like the rainbow cake sometime sweet and sometime sour'. I love translated quotes like these, that make no sense whatsoever.

There are also two compartments within the tin, with one continuing on with the art from the front and a times table chart which is handy.

7. Kawaii Cat Plushie - $14.27 NZD Even though each item is gorgeous and all are of good quality, this cat plushie is my ultimate favourite item in the box. I can't even describe how soft this plushie is! Major kudos that this plush is stuffed with beans!​

8. Cat Pen Set - $8.91 NZD I'm in love with this set of pens and think they are a purrfect addition to this box! The Cat Pen Set is one of my favourite items in the Cat Lover Box.

Above is a close-up of their delightful expressions!

Verdict: If the Cat Lover Box is different each month, then I will most likely be buying again! I'm delighted that each item kept to the Cat Lover theme and that there were a variety of items. All of the items in the box were of good quality and I am happy that it wasn't the case of only a couple of items being of high quality. I recommend this box to anyone that is obsessed with cats like myself! You can get your Cat Lover Box at: www.lovemeow.co.uk


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